film100 Film Festival

Watch The Judge (Directed by Erika Cohn)
Watch We Are Not Princesses (directed by Bridgette Auger and Itab Azzam)
Watch the Films and Panel Discussion included in this module and answer the following.
Respond to the prompts below and reply to at least one of your classmates.
1. What did you find most interesting and why?
2. How did what the panelists shared match or differ with your understanding and takeaways about the the two featured films (The Judge and We Are Not Princesses)?
3. The two featured films represent very different stories, told through different methods and styles. Using language, techniques and concepts you’ve learned from the course share at least two methods used to effectively tell each of the stories, and/or help audiences connect with the characters.
4. What themes unite the two stories?

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film100 Film Festival
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