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Explain one example of human disorder which is inherited and also explain the specific inheritance pattern. For this example, choose the disorders that result from the mutations in DNA or chromosome number than the examples like a genetic tendency for a disorder like cancer.

Mini Mouse has a red nose, and Mickey Mouse has a red nose too. They had many children and of their F1 half of the males had black noses, half the males had red noses, and all of the females had red noses!

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Explaining specific inheritance pattern | Homework Help
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Mini was also married to other mouse known as Timmy. Timmy had a black nose. Mini and Timmy had children and half of all their F1 had black noses, the other half had red noses.

A red nose in a mouse is caused through the expression of R gene. The R gene has one intron. In black nosed mice, the R intron is not eliminated as these mice are missing a SnRP. This certain SnRP is expressed in noses of red nosed mice.

Describe these results by explaining how and why the introns are eliminated and proved the genotypes of Mini, Mickey and Timmy, and their children.


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