Explain the homozygote, the genotypes of the | Homework Help

A strain of rhesus monkeys is brachyphalangic (that is, it hasvery short fingers). A monkey breeder wanted to create atrue-breeding strain of brachyphalangic monkeys. To do this, hecrossed brachyphalangic monkeys with one another for severalgenerations. Frustratingly, his crosses always produced mixtures ofbrachyphalangic and normal-finger offspring. Combining the resultsof all the matings, he observed a total of 162 brachyphalangicoffspring and 79 normal-finger offspring. Assuming that fingerlength is determined by a single gene with two alleles, how can youexplain these results? In your answer, use correct notation of yourown choice to indicate the genotypes of the brachyphalangic parentsand their brachyphalangic and normal-finger offspring. Also givethe expected phenotype for heterozygotes and both kinds of homozygote.

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Explain the homozygote, the genotypes of the | Homework Help
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