Examples of environment and molecular-gene expression | Homework Help

Need to write 1500 words about the question given, would appreciateif you could help me on what i need to talk about becuase it istotally confusing. for environmental do i talk about medication such as steroids and also sunlight? and formolecular do i talk about enzyme? would be pleased if youcould giv some examples of environment and molecular examples and how andwhy they influance the expressionof gene.

Is this correct structure for essay.

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Examples of environment and molecular-gene expression | Homework Help
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Intro : brief discription of gene expression, what it is, what itsused for. then state what will talk about in the essay (Ive done this its about 150 words)

Main body : will talk about gene expression, who discovered it, andmore detail what it does and why an how . then will talkabout molecular and environmental examples that influanceexpression of gene/

(ive done 600 words on it so far including illustration, just stuckon the examples of enviromental and molecular intearaction thatinfluance expression of a gene)

Conclusion : sum up of the essay


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