English reading assignment


Answer ONE of the following two questions Tips: A one or two-sentence thesis statement is fine, give examples from multiple texts (you do not need to cite/quote with page numbers – just describe episodes or events in detail), conclusion should get beyond the thesis statement in some way, be sure you answer the question.   1) How does the representation of women through Barbara in Night of the Living Dead(1968) compare to the representation of women through Francine in Dawn of the Dead(1978)?  What does this say about the perception of women in those times? OR 2) Claim: “George Romero cited I Am Legend as a key influence on Night of the Living Dead, but Matheson’s desirable vampires and lonely white protagonist bear no resemblance to the brainless ghouls or ensemble cast of Night. These are two totally different forms of horror.”  Write an essay in which you attack or defend the claim above. As part of your answer, provide and explain examples from each text.

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English reading assignment
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