EN388 Studies in Modern Irish Literature

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EN388 Studies in Modern Irish Literature 2019/2020

Mid-term task: Comparative Critical Analysis (Home Students only)

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EN388 Studies in Modern Irish Literature
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This written exercise requires you to undertake a comparative critical analysis of two texts, and to develop a sustained argument about the significance of the differences and similarities between those texts. One text must be drawn from the twentieth century period and one from the twenty-first century period.

1. First, select any story from Joyce’s collection Dubliners, or an episode* from his novel A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. Then choose any chapter from Sally Rooney’s Normal People, or any story from Being Various.
2. Undertake a comparative analysis of how BOTH your chosen excerpted texts explore ONE of the following themes or techniques:
• Epiphany
• Language
• Paralysis
• Social Class
• Irish identity
• Sexual love
• Gender
• Perception
3. Write an essay of 1500-1800 words in which you compare and contrast these texts. You should make an argument about the significance of these similarities and differences (don’t simply identify them, but make an argument about what they mean and why they are important).

* (as the chapters of A Portrait are quite long it is best to choose a shorter segment from one of the chapters: for instance a segment marked by breaks, or from the beginning/end of a chapter).
Dubliners james joyce
Skippy dies by paul Murray and
Normal people by Sally Rooney


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