Egyptians and Mayans Pyramids

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In this outline, you should clearly state your thesis and detail the main ideas of your essay (your body paragraphs), elaborating on the specific points you want to include to support these main ideas. Be sure to underline your thesis statement in your outline of your introduction and include citations of all bibliography sources wherever applicable throughout your essay.
Please include your working bibliography, in which you list your 2-3 scholarly sources (and any additional sources from websites, books, etc.) on a separate page using the Chicago Manual of Style. You are no longer required to provide annotations.
What is the difference between Egyptian and Mayans pyramids ? What was the porpouse of these constructions? what they have in common? how it was built? what material were used?
example: religious, architecture, reflects some of the beliefs and customs of two very different civilizations.

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Egyptians and Mayans Pyramids
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