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Examine the following clinical vignettes: Your client is a 30-year-old female of Jewish descent who attends therapy on her own. She is self-referred. During the first session, she explains that she is coming to therapy to decide how she should move in regards to her marital relationship. She explains that she was married for 5 years and has a 3-year-old daughter. Her husband was very affectionate before the marriage, but became very absent since they got married and had a child. He is often at work, comes home late, and spends most of his time at home watching TV. They have not had a sexual relationship since their daughter was born. When she mentioned the topic of divorce, the husband informed her that if she divorced him, her family would find her dead body the next day in the lake by their house. Your client is a 30-year-old female of African-American descent who attends therapy on her own. She is court-mandated to attend therapy based on a domestic violence incident where her 7-year-old daughter was accidentally injured by a flying object that her partner threw at the client in a moment of a fight. The child suffered a head injury and started bleeding. The mother then called 911. Child protective services were notified, investigated, and removed the child from the home, and placed her in foster care. As a result, the mother was ordered to attend therapy and develop further insight about the past situation. Choose one vignette and in a concise paper explain the following: In terms of your assessment strategy, what questions will you ask, and what will you try to elucidate with your assessment strategy? Were you able to detect a domestic violence incident? If yes, what would be your response as a therapist? What will be important for you to consider related to the client’s unique social locations (e.g., gender, sexual orientation, disability status) in order to provide culturally-competent and effective treatment services? What interventions will you apply in working with the client? (See your work in the MFT5104 and MFT5105 for a specific model or choose a different model for this assignment). As you answer these questions, be sure to incorporate at least three references to the articles/chapters assigned for this week

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Domestic Violence and Spousal and Partner Abuse Assignment| Get Paper Help
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