Dna-based test for the allele of a particular gene | Homework Help

1. A scientist discovers a DNA-based test for the allele of a particular gene. This and only this allele, if homozygous, produces an effect that results in death at or about the time of birth. Of the following, which is the best use of this discovery?

A) To screen all newborns of an at-risk population
B) To design a test for identifying heterozygous carriers of the allele
C) To introduce a normal allele into deficient newborns
D) To follow the segregation of the allele during meiosis
E) To test school-age children for the disorder

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Dna-based test for the allele of a particular gene | Homework Help
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2. Phenylketonuria (PKU) is a recessive human disorder in which an individual cannot appropriately metabolize a particular amino acid. This amino acid is not otherwise produced by humans. Therefore the most efficient and effective treatment is which of the following?

A) Feed them the substrate that can be metabolized into this amino acid.
B) Transfuse the patients with blood from unaffected donors.
C) Regulate the diet of the affected persons to severely limit the uptake of the amino acid.
D) Feed the patients the missing enzymes in a regular cycle, i.e., twice per week.


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