Discussion 7.1: Self-Reflection in nursing

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Discussion 7.1: Self-Reflection
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Due: Day 3 and Day 6

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Discussion 7.1: Self-Reflection in nursing
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This week’s discussion starts with a brief self-examination challenging you to explore your own thoughts and ideas in the practicum. The purpose is to help you develop a deeper understanding of yourself as you begin to develop the necessary clinical skills as a mental health provider. It should take only a few minutes to write and no references are required (and so note the rubric for the self-reflections is slightly different from the standard discussion board rubric).

Reflection topic suggestions:

1-Share tips, resources, and techniques that you have found useful in the clinical setting.
2-Discuss collaboration with your preceptor and other clinic staff, including both positive and negative interactions.
3-Reflect on the role change from expert RN to novice NP.
4=Describe an interesting or educational experience from your practicum.
5-Describe an issue you are having and possible solutions.

please answer each question in sequence number and make sure it reflects the clinical aspect I am a nurse practitioner in clinical mental health. Tank


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