Discuss the periodic acid-schiff reaction stain | Homework Help

Histology Assignment:

Topic: Periodic Acid-Schiff (PAS) Reaction

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Discuss the periodic acid-schiff reaction stain | Homework Help
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Write a 2000 word essay on the following subject.

Use of photomicrographs, diagrams, and chemical equations is expected. Full referencing is required.

Discuss the Periodic Acid-Schiff (PAS) Reaction stain, its initial development and creator, the diagnostic niche it fills, its cost and benefit to the community, and the chemical reactions of the stain. Compare this stain with at least one other that has filled/is filling that diagnostic niche.

– Headings in bold, maximum font size 14 pt.

– Font size: 11 or 12 pt – Times New Roman or Arial.

– Use 1.5 or 2.0 lines spacing.

– Margins no less than 1.5cm on all sides.

– Page number at bottom right hand corner of footer.

– Student identification number (number only) at top right hand corner of header.

– References: Both in-text referencing and reference list should be given in the Harvard style (author, date). Information on this referencing style can be found on the library website at http://canberra.libguides.com/content.php?pid=238252&sid=1966101

– Your assignment should be written in your own words. Copying and pasting materials from resources or other students’ works is not accepted and considered as a plagiarism case and will be acted upon in accordance with the University’s rules and regulations with regard to plagiarism and academic misconduct.

– Breadth and depth of the literature review you are undertaking and the balanced flow of your writing (from setting the stage by the writing an ‘introduction’ through gathering information from various sources to analysing the information, and making your own deductions in the ‘discussion and conclusion’ part will determine the extent to which you demonstrate your knowledge and skills in academic communication as well as your familiarity with the dedicated topic.

– A marking rubric has also been posted to the Moodle site of the unit for your perusal, which includes the assignment features that will be used for marking.

– The word limit is 2000 words, EXCLUDES references and the Faculty of Health cover sheet.


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