Discuss one example of a growing urban region in the US

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Discussion 1: The New Urban Sociology

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Discuss one example of a growing urban region in the US
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Discuss one example of a growing urban region in the US. What are its characteristics?

Any student from UNT does not need to look very far to find a growing urban region because it is right next door to our campus. DFW is the example because the metroplex is growing and evolving into a huge mega city. Both cities share an international airport, and they both have large suburbs where people live while they commute to work in the city. A lot of these suburbs are cities that are also quite big in landmass and population themselves. “By 2030 we will have as many as 50 such mega city clusters throughout the world” (Khanna, 2016). One of the circled cities in Mr. Khanna’s TED talk presentation was Dallas. It’s clear for anyone who resides in DFW the amount of development for housing that is happening because it does not take long for a person to find a new multi dwelling housing project underway. As a matter of fact, the closer you get to Downtown Dallas, the harder it gets to find new developments for single family homes, instead most new developments in the city are for apartments. With a large influx of people from other states or countries who will keep moving to the DFW area, eventually DFW will gain the official title of a mega city because it will have “more than 10 million inhabitants” (Gottdiener, et al., 2019, p. 13).

Discuss one mega region outside the US. What are its characteristics?

One of the biggest mega regions outside of the US would have to be region in Asia that Mr. Khanna refers to as Pax Asiana (Khanna, 2016). This region of south east Asian countries has decided to put away their differences to coordinate and work together for an evolution of mutual growth and benefit. Mega regions benefit from expanding their communication and travel pipelines because it helps their economy grow and maintain order. One great example that Mr. Khanna mentions in his TED talk is how the countries in the European Union have prospered and benefited a lot while countries who are not as involved or part of the EU such as Russia suffer more hardship (Khanna, 2016). One large problem that this mega region will face is called hyperurbanization which is the rapid growth and sprawl of cities in developing nations (Gottdiener, et al., 2019, p. 13). Strong government leaders will be needed to plan accordingly in the infrastructure and economy of these new mega regions and cities.

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Khanna, P. (2016, April 27). TED. Retrieved from How Megacities Are Changing The Map of The World: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7y4GlmwPLQ

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