Differences that sun and shade leaves share | Homework Help

1. What are some of the differences that sun and shade leaves share? What does this say about the adaptations they’ve made to survive intheir respective environments?

2. Thoroughly describe the sexual reproductive cycle inplants, all the way up until the plants produces a zygote, including the types of generations and knowing what is haploid and what is diploid. If you draw pictures, describe what is happening in each. Crossingover happens at some point during this process. What is crossing over and when does it happen? If crossing over were not to happen what would the end results be in the offspring? If crossing over were to happen at another point, if that’s possible, what would happen?

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Differences that sun and shade leaves share | Homework Help
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3. While traveling to a foreign country, you observe a plant that the locals use for food. It resembles a potato but you are not sure if it is actually a root or a stem. How would you go about determining if this plant part is a root or a stem?

4. I love my family. Without them I would not be where I am. My roots run deep. People call us the Streptophyes. People that know us call us the Charophytes. What three members make me what I am?

5. In Anchorage, Alaska the average high temperature through the winter months is well below freezing. Given your knowledge of vascular tissues, which type oftrees would you expect to thrive in this climate (softwood or hardwood) and why?

6. what are the main differences between leaves found in sunlight and leaves found in the shade?

7. If you were to cut a typical leaf transversely, and examine it under a microscope in the lab, what three regions would immediately stand out to you? What are some properties of those three regions?



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