Differences between meiosis and mitosis

Paper instructions


Use the book:
Essentials of Biological Anthropology
Clark Spencer Larsen
use chapter 3-4

1.) What are the main differences between meiosis and mitosis? Why did meiosis evolve as an evolutionary strategy? How does this relate to the film “Why Sex?” Why was this reason important to improving survival? Did this information or anything else in the film surprise you and why?

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Differences between meiosis and mitosis
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2.) Punnett Square – Complete both problems below.

-Diagram and complete a Punnett square

-Give the phenotype percentages of the offspring

– In dogs, hereditary deafness is caused by a recessive gene (d), while normal hearing is coded by the dominant gene (D). What would be the results if a heterozygous male mates with a heterozygous female? What are the chances that a deaf offspring will result?

– Considering that purple is dominant to white and using P for purple and p for white, draw a Punnett square crossing a heterozygous purple-flowered plant and a white-flowered plant.

3.) Define micro and macroevolution. How does macroevolution relate to the concept of species? How may speciation occur? Lastly, choose at least two ancestral traits (behavioral or physical) found within organisms (any species) and explain how/why those traits demonstrate evolutionary ancestry?

4.) How are geography and malaria connected? How/why does the heterozygous condition provide additional protection? What has this additional protection lead to the increase of sickle cell anemia in certain geographic areas? Also, how may certain anthropogenic trends such as deforestation and climate change increase or decrease malaria rates?


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