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developmental stages and behavioral and
emotional problems

Find at least two empirical studies aIDressing the impact of exposure to intimate partner
violence on children. Considering the unique developmental stages and behavioral and
emotional problems evidenced by the Jacques children, discuss the apparent impact of
exposure to intimate partner violence on each child.

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developmental stages and behavioral and emotional problems | Homework Help
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7. Research the relationship between intimate partner violence, mental health disorders,
and substance abuse. Report your findings.

8. Explore the available literature regarding parenting self-efficacy of mothers who are
victims of intimate partner violence. How would you assess Marie Jacques’s percep-
tions of her parenting abilities? Refer to Chapter 13, Activity 3, for parenting references

in the Foxx family and determine what type of evidence-based parenting program
Mrs. Jacques may be best suited for. What parent, child, or family factors were the basis
for your decision?

Activity 18.2 Intervention

1. Based on what you have learned from the empirical literature about the risks and delete-
rious effects associated with intimate partner violence, what intervention(s) would you
recommend for the Jacques family? Describe the intervention and its evidence.

2. What strategies would you employ to effectively engage the mother and children in

3. What resources can you provide to assist the family in identifying and accessing support
for improved individual and family functioning at this time?

Activity 18.3 Cultural [edited

1. What is the influence of cultural traditions, rituals, and transitions in the Jacques family

2. How would you employ culturally competent assessment and intervention strategies in
assisting Marie Jacques and her children?

Ccwe S tu9y: The Jacquea Farmly

Recworz for Referral

The Jacques family was referred for individual and family therapy by a Child Protective Ser-
vices (CPS) caseworker, following Marie Jacques’s hospitalization for injuries sustained when
her husband, Jean Jacques, physically assaulted her. Mr. Jacques reportedly hit Mrs. Jacques
with a baseball bat, resulting in a compound fracture to her arm and severe bruising and cuts
to her face. The Jacqueses’ 11-year-old son, Joshua, called 911 during the dispute. When the
police arrived, they arrested Mr. Jacques. An ambulance brought Mrs. Jacques to the hospital.
CPS obtained temporary custody of the children. The Jacqueses’ five children were placed in
an emergency shelter during the 10 days Mrs. Jacques was hospitalized. The CPS caseworker
was unable to locate relatives to care for the children. When Mrs. Jacques was discharged from
the hospital, the children returned home to her care. CPS assessed the family to be at minimal
risk of harm and has closed their case with referrals to therapeutic services, including family
therapy and individual counseling for all five children. At the time of referral, Mr. Jacques was
still incarcerated pending charges of domestic violence and aggravated assault.

Preaerzting Problemd J

The Jacques family presents with an extensive history of family violence and family dysfunction.
All five of the Jacques children-Samuel, aged 12; Joshua, aged 11; Valerie, aged 9; Miranda,
182 V Chapter Eighteen



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