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The information to the below were collected for the bovine carbonic anhydrase-catalyzed reaction described by

CO2 (aq) + H2O (l) –>H+ (aq) + HCO3- (aq)

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Determine the value of km | Homework Help
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[CO2] (mmol * L^-1)

R (�µmol * L^-1 * s^-1)









Use these values to determine the value of KM, the Michaelis-Menten constant. Answer the four parts below.

a) If you were to plot this data to graphically determine Rmax and KM using a Lineweaver-Burk plot, what would you plot for the following data? If you would plot the original data, enter the original value in the corresponding blank.

[CO2] (mmol * L^-1) graph as R (�µmol * L^-1 * s^-1) graph as

2.50 –> ________ 48.61 –> ________

5.00 –> ________ 80.28 –> ________

b) Calculate the slope using the data points from part (a). Then determine the y-intercept using the second point.

Slope= _______ s y-intercept= ___________ L * s * mmol^-1

c) Use the y-intercept to calculate Rmax.

Rmax=___________ mmol * L^-1 * s^-1

d) Use Rmax and the slope to calculate Km.

Km=___________ mmol * L^-1


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