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Introduction of disease. Provide a brief description of the disease/disorder. This part of the paper should not be limited to the definition of the disease.Include epidemiology as appropriate.Etiology Identify common causes and risk factors for the disease, to include age, gender, environmental, genetic,and lifestyle. Pathophysiological processes Describe how the disease begins by describing the cause and mechanisms of the disease that give rise to signs and symptoms. Remember pathophysiology should be on a cellular level. Include information on how the body attempts to overcome/correct the disease, if applicable. Clinical Manifestations & Complications Describe the physical signs and symptoms that are important in considering the presence of the disease. Diagnostics Describe common laboratory and diagnostic tests used to determine the presence of the disease.Provide information on significant findings for these diagnostic studies associated with the disease. APA Style and Organization The assignment should be a 2-3 page (excluding title and reference pages) typed paper and presented in APA format.This includes an APA title, page and references with in-text citations. Spelling and grammar will be evaluated with this assignment .Must include at least two (2) scholarly, primary sources from the last 5 years. This paper is to be written about Parkinson’s Disease

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Determine the presence of the disease | Homework Help
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