Determine the presence of certain genetic diseases | Homework Help

Karyotypes are used in a clinical situation to determine the presence of certain genetic diseases. Often they are performedusing the amniotic fluid of the pregnant mother. Write a briefparagraph explaining the what, how and why of karyoptypes.

Once a set of chromosomes is prepared from a cell, it isrearranged following a set procedure for displaying a karyotype.Research to determine the correct manner of displaying akaryotype. to view a sample of a prepared set of chromosomes called the karyotype.

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Determine the presence of certain genetic diseases | Homework Help
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Now that you have researched the criteria and viewed a sample,you should know how to create the karyotype.

Research and follow the correct procedure for creating akaryotype, cut out and rearrange the chromosomes accordingly. .Scan in this karyotype as a *.jpg using a scanner and insert thisimage into your document.


1. Is this person male or female, and how do you know this?
2. Does this person have a genetic disease, and how do you knowthis?
3. If you were one of the parents, and you knew this geneticinformation during the 6th week of the pregnancy, what options would you have? Which option would you choose and explain your thoughts.


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