Determine fraction of the offspring | Homework Help

Question: Suppose that in rats, grey fur (T) is dominant to tan (t). If you mate a tan rat with a homozygous dominant rat, Determine what fraction of the offspring will be homozygous?

Question: I would like to extract the list of all the structures in the PDB that have a bound ligand. In aIDition I would specifically like to extract all structures that have a bound ATP molecule. Which database would I use and what functionalities would I use for each of these?

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Determine fraction of the offspring | Homework Help
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Question: A scientist has just solved the structure of Aldolase in complex with a di-valent metal ion at 3.0 Å. He is interested in obtaining protein that is more stable and that could improve the quality of the structure. What tool can he use to help him design mutations in the ligand binding site that will increase stability?

I think you use LPC/CSU for the first question and Het-PDB Nevi and click on Hetero-Atom code for the second question but I’m not sure.


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