Describe the clinical practice guideline developed by governmental source or professional association; | Homework Help


For this Application, identify a clinical practice guideline developed by governmental source or professional association and write a 5 page paper. For example, you may select a problem from the National Guideline Clearinghouse as long as it is under nursing control. For instance, reducing the risk of infection is under nursing control, while the type of surgery performed for a patient problem is not under the control of nursing.

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Describe the clinical practice guideline developed by governmental source or professional association; | Homework Help
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Below is a list of topics; however, you may select ONE problem that is of interest to you.

  • Pain management (SD)
    • Acute
    • Chronic
  • Pressure ulcers
  • Wrong side surgery
  • Fall risk assessment
  • Restraint use
  • Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)

Write a 5-page paper in which you:

  • Write an introduction and purpose statement;
  • Identify a practice setting problem;
  • Describe the importance of the clinical problem and why it is significant to nursing practice;
  • Describe the aIDed expectations for BSN-prepared nurses in terms of implementing evidence based practice;
  • Describe the clinical practice guideline developed by governmental source or professional association;
  • Describe the impact on patient and/or a community;
  • State the costs of this problem to the health care system;
  • Describe evidence based practice changes in nursing care that have occurred due to research.
    • An example: National Guidelines Clearinghouse guidelines

APA Formatting  IS A MUST                                                                    Possible Point Deduction

  1. Running head:  ALL CAPS on the title page.                                                            1-2
  2. ALL CAPS for the running head on  page 2 and  all subsequent pages.       1-2
  3. The words Running head are only written on the title page.                          1-2
  4. Page numbers are inserted in the upper right corner of the page.                   1-3
  5. The paper written in Times New Roman 12 font                                           1-2
  6. The paper is double-spaced throughout the paper.                                         1-3
  7. The title of the paper centered at the top of the second page.                                   1-2
  8. In text citation format –
    1. The author’s name is included(Smith, 2013) for paraphrased material.                                                                                                                                 1-2
    2. –“Direct quotes look like this”(Smith, 2013, p.22).                            1-2
    3. Smith and Jones (2013) look like this when using more than one author in the sentence.                                                                                         1-2
    4. When the authors names are used at the end of the sentences, then the formatting should be like this (Smith & Jones, 2013).

The ampersand (&) is used when the parentheses are used.               1-2

    1. The period follows the citation and not the sentence (Wall,2014).    1-2
  1. Indent paragraphs and second and subsequent lines of references five spaces. 1-2
  2. Spell out acronyms the first time used.                                                           1
  3. Reference list guidelines:
    1. The title of the journal or the text book in italics.                               1-2
    2. The first letter of the first word of the title of the journal article or the textbook is capitalized, any proper name in the title has the first letter capitalized, and the first letter of the first word following a colon in the title is capitalized.    1-2
    3. The reference list is written in alphabetical order by the last name of the author.


    1. The in text citations must match the reference list.  If Smith and Jones (2013) is used in the paper, then the reference must be on the reference list and in the same order for the authors:                                                                                    1-2

Smith, F. & Jones, J. (2013). Education of children with childhood             obesity. Journal of Pediatric Nursing, 66, (2) 25-32. Retrieved from                                          

    1. Web site example –

American Heart Association. (2014). Cardiac enzyme values. Retrieved from                      1-2

    1. AID either the doi number or journal URL for article citations.        1-2

Grammatical Errors, Typographical Errors, Spelling, Punctuation                   Pts Deducted


Syntax (structural elements in phrases or sentences)


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