Describe some of the challenges Human Services Professionals may face when working on child abuse cases. | Homework Help

Discussion Teaching Art and Music in Early Childhood

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Describe some of the challenges Human Services Professionals may face when working on child abuse cases. | Homework Help
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This unit’s resources support the value of music in young children’s lives along with presenting implementation strategies for early childhood music programs. Respond to each statement or question below and support your responses with content from the unit’s material or other sources.

•    Think about your own music experiences as a young child. How alike or different are they from the ones described in this unit? Identify and describe what you consider to be the greatest differences between your experience and your classroom plans. What are your concerns about planning music experiences and how do you plan to overcome them?

•    Imagine that during your initial parent orientation meeting, the parent of one of the children in your group (who is an accomplished pianist) asks you who will teach her child music. She assumes it will not be you as there is no piano in your room. How will you answer her? Include in your answer how you would conduct a singing activity without a piano. Explain the value and benefits of developmentally appropriate music experiences that will support her daughter’s musical growth.

•   Visit the website, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences site, and view the index of songs and lyrics. Go through the categories and choose one song for children 3 through 5 years old and one for 5 through 8 years old. Share how you will use each song and the song introduction methods you plan to use from those presented in your text.

Source: Songs, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. Retrieved from



this the number 2 discussion
Discussion TopicChild Welfare and Family
need reference
my state is mississippi

Read and post one primary post for each Discussion topic, aIDressing each of the topics clearly and correctly applying concepts from the course material to support answers. The length requirement for your post is 150 words minimum.

To prepare for this Discussion, you will read about theories and categories of abuse, as well as the process of how a report of child maltreatment is made, from intake to assessment. In aIDition to reading the text, you will research your state’s requirements for making a child abuse report.

For this discussion, you will need to complete the reading assignment and review the BBC Investigation, America’s Child Death Shame.

theifilestv. (2012, Sep 12). America’s Child Death Shame. [Video File]. Retrieved from

?                    Provide a summary of what you learned from the investigation.

?                    Explain which part of the investigation made the biggest impact on you.

?                    Describe some of the challenges Human Services Professionals may face when working on child abuse cases. What are your suggestions for dealing with those challenges?

Be sure to use specific information from the text to support your answers. (When referencing the text, APA paper formatting and citation style must be used.)

Remember to respond to at least two classmates with comments that forward the discussion in each thread.


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