Define a biochemical pathway and identiffy recessive | Homework Help

1. While working on snake blenny biochemistry, you discover a collection of five new molecules (a, b, c, d, e) shown below. The color of each molecule represents a distinct sugar.


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Define a biochemical pathway and identiffy recessive | Homework Help
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You decide to look for mutants to define a biochemical pathway and identiffy recessive. mutants that accumulate the following structures.


a. Based on both the structures shown in Figure 1 and the mutant biochemical phenotypes, draw out a possible biochemical pathway of synthesis.

You must show all the structates in your pathway and which steps the products of genes Y, Z and W act on.

b. How many complementation groups would you expect your mutants to fall into?

c. Assuming that you can identify the biochemizal intermediates shown above what would be the expected epistatic relationships between the y and z- mutants and between the z and w- mutants?

2. You decide to take a y- mutant and look for suppressor mutations based or chemical structures. You identify two suppressor mutants that now accumulate molecule a shown in Figure 1.

One suppessor(I) is recessive while the other (II) is dominant. Suppressor I only suppresses y- mutants. However, suppressor H suppresses both y- and w-biochemical mutant phenotypes but not the z- mutant.

a. What is a likely genetic his of the suppressor I mutation?

b. What is a likely genetic ‘basis of the suppressor II mutation?

c. Suggest an experiment to test your hypothesis for question b?


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