Culture REPORT

Culture REPORT

As a required assignment, the Culture Report provides students with practical exposure to a chosen culture through guided research using web-based resources. The Culture Report engages students in the evaluation of this research relating to their professional, academic, and personal goals beginning with their experiences in assessing various cultures.

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Culture REPORT
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  Course Learning Outcome Student Learning Objective
Culture Report Identify potential cultures and articulate the steps needed to understand their communication needs in wellness. Students will articulate a culture they would like to understand more about in order to achieve wellness goals for a patient.


REQUIRED STUDENT TASKSFinal Project                                   50%

  • Introductions -Identify potential culture
  • Basic Concepts and traditions of the culture
  • Communication and Time Orientation
  • Pain
  • Staff Relations – Describe the duties and responsibilities of a culture which could effect employment.
  • Religion and Spirituality
  • Activities of Daily Living and the Body
  • Family
  • Men and Women
  • Birth
  • End of Life
  • Mental Health
  • Traditional Medicine
  • Improving Adherence
  • Making a Difference


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