Create Your Own Ohio Odyssey

Create Your Own Ohio Odyssey

Due to quarantine and shelter-in-place orders, you haven’t gone anywhere in a long time, and I think a nice road trip is in order!  So like Odysseus, you are going on a journey.

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Create Your Own Ohio Odyssey
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Your car (that’s right, I also got you a car) is parked in your driveway right now and I’m giving you $1000 to go on an odyssey around the great state of Ohio.  Create a slides scrapbook to show which Ohio destinations (we’re pretending they’re all open for business) you visited.  Don’t forget that you’re on a budget, so you must also accurately (that means you can’t just make up numbers) track your spending.  Your goal is to spend as much of the money as possible without going over your budget.


  1. Must be in Slides.
  2. Must include at least three notable Ohio destinations (with at least 2 pictures and explanation of why you wanted to visit this site) and at least one overnight accommodation
  3. Must include an accounting of all expenses (how much did you spend on admission, food, lodging, gas…) This means you must keep track of miles travelled and meals consumed.
  4. Your car gets 25 miles per gallon of gas and the cost of gas is $2.00 per gallon.
  5. The completed project must be at least 5 slides long.
  6. And, just like Odysseus, you will experience some hardships along the way! Check the Class Stream Wednesday after 7:00 pm for the hardship you must encounter.
  7. Not sure where to start? Figure out where you want to go first.  Do a Google search for Ohio destinations and check out one of the first 7-8 sites listed.  Some other suggested sites for Ohio destinations include– , , ,
  8. Some suggested sites for driving distances –
  9. The website for each place you visit is going to be extremely useful in this project.  For example, I was able to gather all the information I needed for my stop at the Cleveland Museum of Art from their actual website.
  10. You do have to include at least one overnight stay at a hotel or resort. Again, the website for the hotel or resort is going to be extremely useful.
  11. Have extra money at the end? Stop at Olive Garden for dinner and also pay for the meals of the family sitting 6 feet away from you.  Or …



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