Create a literary analysis

Outside Essay – Text-to-World

Create a literary analysis of one of the primary texts we have read thus far in the semester by using your awareness of historical context and/or world events to help you better understand the literature or by allowing the literature to help you better understand the world around you. Though this is not a traditional research paper, you must cite a minimum of two outside sources that you have used to create a well-informed literary analysis. Use your knowledge of psychology, politics, history, arts, etc. to help you better understand an element of the text you have chosen.

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Create a literary analysis
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This is a multi-step paper.

  1. Choose a text that you see a larger world connection with.
  2. Conduct research to familiarize yourself with contextual events and use the text to help you better understand the outer-context or conduct research of the text to find scholarly research and expand your search to larger historical context that the text could be in response to.
  3. Submit a 2-3 paragraph explanation/proposal of your approach to this paper in the discussion forum “Essay Proposals.”
  4. Write a four-page literary analysis paper that has been informed by your research and awareness of its presence in the world or global impact on the text.

For example, you could write an essay about Haruki Murakami’s collection of short stories After the Quake. You can either research the Kobe earthquake that inspired these events/narratives and take notes on the statistics, devastation, and journalism that surrounded the earthquake and then return to the text to better understand figures like The Earthquake Man and Frog. Or, you could conduct an analysis of The Earthquake Man and Frog as they are presented in the text and research how other scholars interpret these characters, then look to see if what these characters represent is reflected in the context of how people were affected by the Kobe earthquake. Once you have conducted this research, you then are tasked to write an essay that explores the significance of these two characters, what they represent in the text, and how this relates to the context of the literature.

This essay should focus on either character/character development or symbolism/motifs.

Your essay must:

  1. Be written in MLA 8 Formatting
  2. Include a Works Cited page (not included in the four-page count).
  3. Be four complete pages in length.
  4. Underline your thesis statement.


The final submission of this assignment will be on






  Ideas and Analysis Organization Addressing the Prompt Writing Style
100-90 Student has created complex ideas and arguments and has fully supported these with appropriate and sufficient textual evidence and paraphrasing to support claims including citations. Student has created a highly organized essay with transitions and a smooth flow of thought. Student has fully addressed every part of the prompt. Student demonstrates a strong academic voice and control of writing. Little to no grammatical or spelling errors.
89-80 Student has created a strong argument and uses basic reasoning to analyze the text. Uses adequate textual evidence or paraphrasing to support claims including citations. Student has created an organized essay. This essay is either missing or misusing transitions/ transition sentences. Student has addressed most of the prompt but is missing at least one part. Student has a good academic voice and makes few grammatical or spelling errors.
79-70 Student has not created a strong argument, but has identified part of the prompt in the primary text. Minor analysis has been created. Little to no textual evidence or paraphrasing is used and some citations missing. Student presents an initial organizational plan, however does not follow the plan in later paragraphs. Student has not addressed the prompt entirely. Student has a good academic voice but needs to review grammar and/or spelling errors that detract from the writing.
69-60 Student has not created an argument and has not identified part of the prompt in the primary text. Heavy reliance on textual evidence, paraphrasing, and plot summary. Student has not considered the structure of the essay and should consider revising the flow of the essay for clarity. Student is missing significant direction from the prompt. Student’s voice is lost in the writing and there are several grammatical and/or spelling errors.
59-0 Student has not created a thesis statement and shows little to no understanding and preparedness of the prompt and/or primary text. Student shows little to no organization of thought or analysis. Student does not answer the prompt. Significant issues with academic voice and grammatical/spelling errors.



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