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Paper instructions

Questions come from pages 272-364 in the class textbook and from the PP “Create a Buzz”
Please answer each question thoroughly
Each question counts 4 points except the last question which counts 8 points

1. Discuss what makes up the music package. Include each item and what it is.

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Create a Buzz
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2. What is the most important creative decision to both the record company and the artist?

3. What are the three ways of presenting the total package to a record company?

4. What is the most effective way of presenting a demo to a record company?

5. What are the two ways in which a record company can withhold the normally allowed reserve amount?

6. What expenses are charged against an artist’s royalties?

7. How much of an artist’s video cost is normally charged back to the artist’s royalty account?

8. What is cross-collateralization?

9. What is a production company and what is its purpose?

10. What is the term of a recording contract based on?

11. How much of independent promotion, if hired, is recoupable by the artist?

12. What is a typical percentage to charge for packaging deduction?

13. How often does a label account to their artists?​

14. What percentage of sales is kept in a reserve account?

15. What are pipeline royalties?

16. Who is generally involved in the negotiations between the artist and the record label?

17. Under most recording contracts, who decides who the producer will be?

18. Before the artist receives any royalties, the record company repays itself the entire cost of recording the product and any other advances paid to the artist. How are these expenses recouped and from what?

19. Under most recording contracts, who owns the copyright in the sound recording?

20. What is the royalty rate an artist receives on product sold outside of the US?

21. What are the three principal categories of non-royalty bearing records?

22. If an artist fails to timely deliver the recording commitment, what options does the record company have?

23. Who has the right to extend the recording contract for additional albums, referred to as options?

24. It is vital in an artist’s career that they surround themselves with a strong human package or team. Discuss who makes up this team and each team members’ responsibilities. Also discuss each members’ role in pitching the artist to the record label.

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