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  1. You have a 1mM stock solution of Arsenic to treat culture cells in a liquid medium. You need to treat your cells with Arsenic such that it has a final concentration of 5nM once it has been aIDed to the cells. You are given 1mL of cells, and you can only aID 2uL of your reagent to your cells. What concentration should you dilute the stock to so that you only have to aID 2uL of Arsenic to your 1mL of cells in order to have a 5nM concentration of Arsenic?
  2. The molecular weight of sodium hydroxide is 40.00. How many grams would you need for 150 ml of a 1mM solution?
  3. A buffer stock solution is supplied as 50X concentration and you will need 10 liters at 1X, how would you prepare this solution?
  4. To make up a solution of phosphate buffered saline (PBS), you need 5mM Na2HPO4 (anhydrous) (FW: 141.96), 0.15 M NaCl (FW: 58.44), and 1 mM KH2PO4 (FW: 136.09). How many grams of each will you need to make up 500mL of PBS?
  5. You want to aID PMA to 10mL of HL-60 cells so that you have a concentration of 2.5hM. Your stock solution is 1mM. What is the volume of you stock solution you need?
  6. The molecular weight of vincristine, a pharmaceutical drug, is 923.04. It is supplied in 1 mg per vial. You want to treat your culture cells with a final concentration of 5 hM vincristine and will need 10mL of cells for your experiment. You only want to aID 2mL of vincristine solution to your cells. What concentration should you make your stock solution of vincristine in order to make this 2uL aIDition?


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