Company strategic analysis & strategy recommendations

Final Project: Company strategic analysis & strategy recommendations (15%)

For the final project, you will integrate the entire material from class to analyze a company’s current position and provide strategic recommendations for its future strategy. This project will be the pinnacle of the class and it will require you to identify and understand the relevant concepts from the textbook that will then be used to synthesize a strategy that a given company should use to either sustain or gain a competitive advantage. You will thus draw from concepts from all the material we cover in class. These include the concepts of corporate strategy and business strategy, along with other potential strategies (both international and entrepreneurial) and material on corporate governance & strategic control as well as on strategic leadership. Thus, you will be required to:

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Company strategic analysis & strategy recommendations
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  1. Analyze the company’s internal and external environment and the sources of its competitive advantage.
  2. Decide on what type of corporate strategy the company should pursues (for example, related or non-related diversification or integration and the means to achieve this).
  3. Select one industry the company competes in and based on the selected corporate strategy, craft a business level strategy that will adequately fit the desired position of the company.

Criteria for grading are:

  1. Depth of the analysis – whether the team has identified all the relevant external and internal conditions related to company’s strategic position.
  2. Quality of the analysis – whether the team has correctly assessed the impact of the identified conditions on company’s strategic position.
  3. Usage of the available frameworks – whether the team has incorporated the ideas and concepts studied during the class.

The template for the written report will be posted on D2L.

Your written case summary should be 6-8 pages in length (single-spaced, 12-pt font, 1” margins).

The report is due both in a digital format (uploaded to the designated D2L folder. Presentations will be prepared in PowerPoint and emailed to me the day prior or on the day of the presentation.



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