Company Profile assignment

Paper instructions

Company Profile
This is an overview of your organization including who is involved and the scope of what the company
• Type of Organization
• Name of Organization
• Hours of Operation
• Scope of Service Line
• Clients Served
• Location of clinics/services
• Description of Business
II. Industry Overview
• this is an analysis of the industry and economy in which the organization operates
• it demonstrated a current understanding of industry characteristics and trends
• a trend is a definite, predictable direction of events
• Conduct this type of research using secondary data sources
Overall Business or Client Trends and Opportunities
1. Social changes – Chapter 3
2. Economic reimbursement changes – Chapter 3
3. Demographic changes – Chapter 3
4. Health care delivery changes – Chapter 3
5. Regulatory/political changes – Chapter 3
6. Key success factors in your segment of the industry – Chapter 3
7. Barriers to entry in your segment of the industry – Chapter 2
8. Barriers to exist in your segment of the industry – Chapter 2

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Company Profile assignment
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