COM400 NAU Uncle & Aunt Love Interview Assignment Rubric is down below. plz write 4-5 pages long ;) “Love Interviews” graded assignment guidelines The goal

COM400 NAU Uncle & Aunt Love Interview Assignment Rubric is down below. plz write 4-5 pages long 😉 “Love Interviews” graded assignment guidelines
The goal of the assignment is individually and as a class to expand our understanding of what love “is”
from the perspective of couples with enduring relationships.
To do this, you will conduct separate face-to-face interviews (preferably in person) with a senior couple
in your family on their experience with love. Interview each member of the couple separately, NOT
together. (If no senior family members are available to interview, talk to the instructor to plan an
alternative couple.)
You will write a paper based on these interviews.
portion of the assignment.
(See guidelines below.)
This is the graded
Here are the core questions to ask in each interview. Feel free to expand on the questions.
• How did your relationship start?
• How long have you been together?
• Describe your relationship in your own words.
• Define love as you saw it at the start, and how you see it now.
• How has time affected your relationship?
Guidelines for written paper
The graded portion of the assignment is an individual paper describing and reflecting on the experience
of conducting two individual interviews with a senior couple regarding specific questions about love.
The paper must be in narrative form.
Begin with a brief “introduction” of the interviewees – who they are, how they were selected,
and how the interviews were arranged, followed by when and where the interviews were
For each person, provide a clear but succinct report of the planned interview questions and what
you learned (including any additional questions or discussion you feel will add significantly to
the paper). Responses do not need to be word for word; summarize and/or paraphrase.
Direct quotes can be used in moderation. This can be written in a question-and-answer form.
Next, discuss how your two interviews relate to each other. In what ways were the responses
similar, and different? Compare what the interview experiences were like for you personally
and what you took away from each discussion. Consider how their views do and/or do not
relate to your own.
Finally, summarize the lessons about love that can be drawn from your interviews.
IMPORTANT: Relate your findings to our class discussions in a meaningful way.
In summary, your paper will cover
An overview of the interview preparation
Interview One: Description and results
Interview Two: Description and results
Comparison of interview results
Lessons learned.
Your paper will be graded on thoroughness, quality of analysis, relevant and accurate application of
course material, and good writing. The paper must be no more than eight typed pages. (Note that
this will require you to write concisely and effectively – a skill much valued outside the academy.)
Your paper must be typed, double-spaced in 12-point Times Roman with 1” margins.
submitted in .rtf, .doc, or .docx format, NOT in .pdf, etc.
It must be
Center the title of your paper and your name at the top of the page, double-spaced ONLY.
paper immediately below the heading.
Begin the
You are required to write at a collegiate level using Standard English (consider grammar, spelling,
punctuation, sentence structure, etc.). If English is not your native language or you have concerns
about your writing ability, it is advisable to get help from the ASU Writing Center before the paper is
submitted, as poor writing will significantly lower your grade. You can find information about the
Writing Center by visiting
COM 400 Love Interviews grading rubric
Maximum points: 15 __
+ Done well
x Done adequately
– Not done or done poorly
Interview subjects and process met requirements
__ Overview (who, how selected, arrangements, where, when)
__ Interview One
__ Questions and responses
__ Interview Two
__ Questions and responses
__ Comparison of interviews
__ Comparison to own views
__ Lessons (clear, reasonable)
__ Thoroughness and depth of analysis
__ Makes appropriate linkages to course content
__ No more than eight pages
__ Heading properly done (title & name centered; top of page, double-spaced)
__ Correct format
(double-spaced, 12-point Times Roman, 1” margins, proper electronic format, etc.)
__ Properly submitted (Blackboard, by deadline)
__ Clarity and quality; narrative form
__ Good writing (spelling, grammar, etc.)
To – 3
Deduction for non-participation or poorly prepared for presentation ____

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COM400 NAU Uncle & Aunt Love Interview Assignment Rubric is down below. plz write 4-5 pages long 😉 “Love Interviews” graded assignment guidelines The goal
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