CMSV Chapter 2 Marketing Environment Social Responsibility and Ethics Exam There have 100 multiple choice that need to answer( The file already in the foll

CMSV Chapter 2 Marketing Environment Social Responsibility and Ethics Exam There have 100 multiple choice that need to answer( The file already in the following). Please answer each questions on time. Thank you so much! 2331 Final Exam Questions
Chapter 2 – The Marketing Environment, Social Responsibility, and Ethics
1. Dan Strong is a personal trainer who believes there is an underserved niche in overweight
teenagers who want to get fit. If he goes after this segment by designing an appropriate
marketing mix, which of the following terms describes this group?
a. target market
b. buying centre
c. aggregated unit
d. consumer cluster
2. Tony works for a company that is having a hard time competing in the market. Tony really
wants to stand out with in his organization to further his career in marketing. Which of the
following strategies should Tony pursue to better understand the macro environment around his
a. Tony should study and analyze the competition to understand how his company
differs from everyone else so that he can pinpoint the fallout of his company.
b. Tony should study and analyze the technological environment that is used to
understand how his company differs from everyone else so that he can pinpoint the
fallout of his company.
c. Tony should study and analyze the consumer to understand how his company differs
from everyone else so that he can pinpoint the fallout of his company.
d. Tony should study and analyze the social environment that is used to understand how
his company differs from everyone else so that he can pinpoint the fallout of his
3. When Universal Studios Japan opened, health inspectors discovered they had piped industrial-
use water not suitable for drinking into the drinking fountains. The problem was costly to repair.
In this example, which of the following factors are responsible for the repair costs?
a. social factors
b. economic factors
c. political and regulatory factors
d. cultural factors
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4. Martha visits a department store and discovers that a box of exotic candles will cost her 10
percent more than what she had paid six months ago. The increase in prices is same across the
country. Which of the following best describes the situation?
a. She will have immediate purchasing power if she had a pay raise to match the
b. She has to pay twelve percent more than what she paid last month.
c. The departmental store is trying to earn profits by increasing the prices of its goods.
d. The candles’ subjective value increases with the increase in inflation.
5. Sally wants to buy a Louis Vuitton bag. What is the most important factor that marketers need
to know about Sally?
a. Sally’s education
b. Sally’s willingness to buy
c. Sally’s ability to buy
d. Sally’s income level
6. China’s new 5 percent tax on disposable wooden chopsticks has been praised by
environmentalists. Which of the following factors of the external environment of restaurant
owners in China are influenced by this price increase?
a. economic factors
b. technological factors
c. demographic factors
d. social factors
7. When planning marketing strategies during times of recession, marketers must be aware that
recession causes consumers to do which of the following?
a. to put more money into savings accounts because prices are too high
b. to consume more meals away from home
c. to buy in small quantities until inflation is over
d. to decrease their brand loyalty to products they have traditionally used
8. James lost his job in garment sales due to falling customer orders in Canada. Most business
sectors have been hit by falling demand and low consumer confidence. Which economic trend is
Canada currently experiencing?
a. stagflation
b. inflation
c. recession
d. depression
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9. In Asia, Procter & Gamble (P&G) discovered consumers like to experiment with different
brands of shampoo, so most shoppers shy away from the family-size bottles so popular with
North Americans. Now, most of the shampoo the company sells in the Far East is packaged in
single-use sachets. Which factors did P&G respond to when it changed its Asian packaging?
a. demographic factors
b. competitive factors
c. technological factors
d. social factors
10. McDonalds has been very concerned about including healthy items like salads and fruit on
their menu. Consumer preference for low-carb diets has greatly modified the way food is being
marketed. Which issues has the company been trying to react to?
a. economic issues
b. social issues
c. technological issues
d. demographic issues
11. Donny loves to hunt, write poetry, paint, and practise environmental conservation. Although
this seems contradictory, Donny refuses to conform to a single traditional way of life. What kind
of lifestyle description does Donny fit into?
a. aggregated lifestyle
b. component lifestyle
c. psychographic lifestyle
d. demographically defined lifestyle
12. Donna is a college teacher, a rock-climbing expert, a foster parent, and an accomplished
violinist. Her other interests include glass blowing, gourmet cooking, and classic movies. How
would marketers categorize Donna?
a. as fitting into a caregiver segment
b. as a person who is hard to market to
c. as not belonging to any target market
d. as having a component lifestyle
13. Ashley is the director of marketing for a company that operates several assisted-living
centres. The company is developing a marketing plan to cover the next five years of business.
Which of the following uncontrollable factors must Ashley be sure to consider in her plan?
a. place or distribution factors
b. media-buying factors
c. demographic factors
d. inventory factors
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14. Field Entertainment was given the task of editing 75 years of Disney Magic into a two-hour
show. While the task was challenging, the company described the results as multigenerational
(meaning the newly created show appeals to children, parents, and grandparents). Which factors
did Field Entertainment rely heavily on to develop a new show that would be enjoyed by all
a. technological factors
b. cultural factors
c. demographic factors
d. competitive factors
15. Girls between the ages of 8 and 14 are one of the growing markets for high-end shoe
manufacturers. But doctors are finding that many of these girls are developing grown-up foot
problems that once affected only women over 50. Which girls are experiencing problems
because they want to be fashionable?
a. members of Generation X
b. a cohort generation
c. members of Generation Z
d. members of Generation Y
16. According to a study by Nielsen Research, which of the following will most likely happen
over the next decade with regards to household size?
a. Canadian households will be smaller.
b. Canadian households will have several generations living under the same roof.
c. Canadian households will be larger in size than they are in 2017.
d. Canadian households will enjoy financial stability.
17. A furniture retailer that specializes in selling entire rooms of furniture has hired you to
identify 25 geographic target markets that can be described as multicultural societies. What types
of locations should you offer this firm?
a. cities that have historically had low immigration rates
b. geographic regions that are growing with new immigrants
c. regions that are dominated by one ethnic group and that have multiple smaller ethnic
d. locations in which all major ethnic groups in the area are equally represented
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18. Many young people can speak a variety of languages. What impact will this have in the
marketplace in future?
a. They will want to access information on the Internet in a variety of languages.
b. They will be challenging to market to.
c. They will do their shopping online.
d. They will want culturally specific websites to engage with.
19. Teresa Bilodeau is currently researching gaps in cellular technology, with an aim of
expanding knowledge in this industry. What type of research is she undertaking?
a. technical research
b. reactive research
c. applied research
d. basic research
20. The scientists at Motorola want to create Iridium, a constellation of 66 satellites that will
offer telephone services anywhere on the globe. What is this an example of?
a. technical research
b. transactional research
c. applied research
d. synergistic research
Chapter 4 – Developing a Global Vision
21. Many consumers experience the benefits of globalization, including lower prices and access
to exotic products; however, others are concerned with the massive expansion of companies such
as Walmart. Why are these consumers concerned?
a. because globalization will inevitably lead to inflation
b. because globalization will cause living standards to increase at a slower rate
c. because globalization causes some job loss as production shifts abroad
d. because globalization has increased global wages
22. World merchandise trade volume is expected to continue to demonstrate growth year after
year, but the strength of the growth is weakening. What is the reason for that?
a. slowing GDP
b. consumers keep changing what they want
c. prices in the market are increasing
d. prices of fuel have increased
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23. British Telecom is heavily engaged in trade throughout Europe and the far-east. It is able to
shift resources, goods, services, and skills across national borders. What type of organization is
a. international facilitator
b. global trader
c. multinational corporation
d. exporter
24. General Motors has just sold a new line of robots to manufacture cars to Indian auto company Tata
Motors. This purchase can be described as capital intensive. What will this mean for Tata Motors?
a. Tata Motors will have an altered fiscal strategy for overseas operations.
b. Tata Motors will spend more on equipment than on labour.
c. Tata Motors will make better use of benchmarking than other types of business.
d. Tata Motors will create employment monopolies.
25. Cardiac Science, a Canadian manufacturer of heart-monitoring devices and other medical
devices, sells 85 percent of its products outside Canada. It sells basically the same product to a
hospital in London, Tokyo, Pretoria, or Sydney. It uses the same promotional tactics in all of its
markets. Which of the following most likely describes Cardiac Science?
a. It is not concerned about media and messages used for international promotional
b. It uses global marketing standardization.
c. It assumes cultural uniformity and lifestyle differences occur across cultural settings.
d. It desires technological receptivity from country to country.
26. A soft-drink manufacturer that was thinking of investing in a bottling plant in the Czech
Republic should know the nation is proud of the fact it is among the world’s biggest beer
drinkers. On average, Czechs consume half a litre of beer a day for every man, woman, and child
in the country. Which environment of this country could very easily prevent the soft-drink
bottling company from succeeding?
a. demographic
b. economic
c. cultural
d. political
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27. Muslim countries are receptive to most Disney products, but they have asked Disney not to
include Piglet when it sells its Winnie the Pooh characters because, as a part of their religious
beliefs, Muslims contend that pork in any form is unclean. Which type of factor is directly
affecting Disney’s global operation?
a. political structure
b. cultural
c. technological
d. competitive
28. A global marketer today must be fully aware of the intertwined nature of the global economy.
What is one of the most important issues to consider when doing business abroad?
a. Economic growth changes due to economic conditions.
b. Finances are usually stable in global economies.
c. It is easy to enter into a foreign market.
d. Global markets can be projected to accurate numbers.
29. In 2010, Google pulled out of the Chinese market. Why are they returning to the Chinese
a. because China is happy to have them
b. because Google is working hard to develop a government-approved app
c. because it is time for China to become more lenient to the changes in technology
d. because Google wants to have access to the large Chinese market
30. American catfish farmers mounted an aggressive offensive against imports of catfish from
Vietnam, which have increased by over $40 million in four years. As a result of the offensive,
US consumers must pay about 50 percent more for catfish imported from Vietnam. What are
most likely used to make sure that Vietnamese catfish was selling at a price comparable to USbred catfish?
a. tariffs
b. boycotts
c. export duties
d. countertrades
31. The Rice Millers’ Association claims that if the Japanese government would remove the tax
on imported North American rice, Japanese consumers would save $6 billion annually. What is
this tax an example of?
a. an embargo
b. a tariff
c. an import quota
d. a transfer fee
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32. Marlin manufactures washing machines. It is designing advertisements and planning the
promotional mix for marketing in Eastern Europe, South Africa, India, and Brazil. Which of the
following should the advertising manager NOT expect to cause problems?
a. media availability
b. government regulations
c. exchange control
d. cultural differences
33. A multinational company that makes a labour-intensive product realizes that factors such as
median age, gender, and literacy rates will determine the success of its global expansion. What is
the term that identifies the makeup of countries?
a. demographics
b. lifestyle
c. ethnicity
d. culture
34. Zambia is internationally recognized as the world’s second leading producer of cobalt, which
is used to make high-speed and high-temperature cutting tools and dyes. A company that wanted
to manufacture tools for shaping steel would be most attracted to which element of the Zambian
a. culture
b. legal
c. economic
d. natural resources
35. A cooperative of egg producers believes a profitable market for eggs exists overseas where
people are not as concerned about cholesterol. What would be the least complicated and least
risky method for the farmers’ cooperative to use to reach a global marketplace?
a. direct investment
b. joint venture
c. contract manufacturing
d. exporting
36. A cooperative of egg producers believes a profitable market for eggs exists overseas where
people are not as concerned about cholesterol. What will the cooperative most likely use if it
decides to export?
a. a commission merchant
b. a drop shipper
c. an export broker
d. an export agent
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37. When Krispy Kreme decided to expand its operation internationally, it chose to first make its
doughnuts available in Canada to minimize its risk. In accordance with the policy of risk
minimization, the company sold the rights to manufacture and sell its doughnuts to Canadians.
What did Krispy Kreme use?
a. contract manufacturing
b. direct investment
c. importing
d. licensing
38. Disney sells the rights for an investment company to run a Disneyland theme park in Tokyo.
The investment company gains most of the profits from the enterprise while paying Disney a
percentage in royalties. What is this an example of?
a. a joint venture
b. exporting
c. direct investment
d. licensing
39. Tim Hortons allows its franchisees to use its logo, plus its buying and negotiating prowess in
return for a fee. What is this also known as?
a. outsource contract marketing
b. international exporting
c. licensing
d. agent manufacturing
40. FedEx entered into an alliance with Chronopost Internationale, a subsidiary of the French
post office. Under this alliance, FedEx will transport French international shipments in its
aircraft, and the French postal service will deliver FedEx packages across Europe. What is this
an example of?
a. contract manufacturing
b. a trade bypass
c. licensing
d. a joint venture
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41. The Czech Republic began producing pilsner beer in 1846 and is proud of its brewing
heritage. To further its global marketing strategy, Nomura Securities, a Japanese investment
company, purchased the two largest breweries in the nation. What is this an example of?
a. a joint venture
b. direct investment
c. licensing
d. contract manufacturing
42. Sony, Panasonic, and other Japanese manufacturers that build products to customer order
instead of churning out products in anticipation of demand have decided to hire Canadian
companies to produce electronics for them. The Japanese companies will handle the marketing of
the products. What are the Japanese electronics companies using?
a. contract manufacturing
b. direct investment
c. franchising
d. direct exporting
Chapter 7 – Business Marketing
43. Fournotts Printing Inc. manufactures and sells photocopiers, printers, and scanners to various
corporate offices. What is this an example of?
a. contract manufacturing
b. business marketing
c. licensing
d. franchising
44. Vactin Corp., a construction company, buys ten truckloads of cement for its new construction
project. Given this information, what is the cement an example of?
a. a consumer product
b. a service product
c. an industrial product
d. an unsought product
45. C-Through, an optics-manufacturing company, wants to focus on relationship marketing. In
this case, which of the following strategies should C-Through adopt?
a. It should use social networking sites to advertise itself to businesses.
b. It should market its products through dealers.
c. It should set the price and other conditions of sale without negotiation.
d. It should use accessory equipment and major equipment.
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46. Fresnas Inc., an oil refinery, buys crude oil and converts it into various products such as
gasoline, kerosene, and diesel fuel. Fresnas Inc., then, sells these products to other companies or
retailers. Based on this information, which segment of the business market is most likely
represented by Fresnas Inc.?
a. resellers
b. producers
c. distributors
d. governments
47. The number of companies ordering airplanes from Boeing has dropped. After some research,
Boeing found out that the number of consumers flying had also dropped. What type of demand
was this a result of?
a. elastic demand
b. inelastic demand
c. joint demand
d. derived demand
48. When two or more items are used in combination to produce a final product, which type of
demand are they said to have?
a. derived demand
b. inelastic demand
c. joint demand
d. fluctuating demand
49. There was a spike in the sales of the new iPhone. This resulted in an even larger increase in
demand for the machinery and equipment needed to manufacture the iPhones. What is this a
result of?
a. the demand fluctuation principle
b. the joint demand principle
c. the inelastic demand effect
d. the multiplier effect
50. Pammi was looking for a new car. She has heard that the Car Mecca was the place to go.
Many car companies including Ford, Volkswagen, Honda, and Toyota all sell at the Car Mecca.
What is this an example of in the business market?
a. reciprocity
b. purchasing in much smaller quantities
c. buying more products that have a reduced probability of being affected by derived
d. geographic concentration
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51. Tommy ran a warehouse selling nuts and bolts to car mechanics. After his own car broke
down, Tommy decided to use a mechanic called Raymond. Raymond actually happened to be
one of Tommy’s customers at the warehouse. What is this an example of?
a. working to create purchase arbitration
b. opening oneself up to prosecution for illegal activities
c. practising reciprocity
d. trying to eliminate derived demand barriers
52. Parking garages, $500,000 printing presses, privately owned warehouses, and oil-well drilling
platforms are depreciated over time rather than expensed in the year they are purchased. How are
these classified?
a. as processed materials
b. as accessory equipment
c. as major equipment
d. as supplies
53. Because they are not expensive, have short useful lives, and are frequently purchased from
local distributors, how are store mannequins, notebook computers, fa…
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