City-Building Values

Module 13 Discussion: City-Building Values

Cities show a lots about what our values are. You can see the Roman values of public culture, civic pride, and piety in its forums, basilicas, and temples. This assignment will have you create a city according to your own values and compare it to the cities of the Romans. Here is what you need to do:

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City-Building Values
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Make a drawing or plan of your ideal city (it can be modern or futuristic). Be sure to include:

  1. at least 7 public buildings (could be town hall, school, church, theaters, sports arena, parks… or none of these, what buildings do you want?)
  2. Show the different zones: residential (where people live), commercial (where businesses are), and industrial (where stuff is made)
  3. Make sure to show streets and any sort of mass transit you will have
  4. Write a paragraph about why your city is the way it is. Compare your city to a Roman city.
  5. Take a photo of your city and your descriptive paragraph and upload to this discussion post.



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