Child Observation Assignment


>>>> Choose a child from a book, television show, or movie. The character should be between the ages of 2-5.<<<< NO SOURCES  For option 3: Pretend like you observed the character Describe the setting and circumstances in which you “observed” the character For all options, record (or pretend that you recorded) any data related to the following domains: Physical development Estimate weight/height Gross motor skills Fine motor skills Other physical characteristics or activities Cognitive Development Language use Creativity Decision making Judgment Social Emotional Development Emotions (positive/negative and how handled) Psychosocial stage (you must include this for full credit in this area) Social interactions Self-Concept Temperament Cultural Influences Parenting practices Multiple languages Gender roles 4) Write a narrative report of what you observed of the child. Use complete sentences and paragraphs. In your report: Introduction with child’s demographic information (age, gender, family arrangement – if known, and/or identify primary caregivers) State that you received permission to complete the observation, if applicable Discuss observations and divide into sections based on Physical domains Cognitive domains Social/emotional domains Cultural influences Be sure to use formal, clinical, development language in your report. You must incorporate vocabulary from the textbook into your report.  Again, if you did not observe some of the areas above, please discuss what you expected to see.  The paper should be about 3 pages and it will be double-spaced. You do not need in-text citations for this assignment, as you will be writing about your observation and simply including vocabulary from the book.

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Child Observation Assignment
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