Cherokee writings and the Trail of Tears


This is a history essay which needs to be 5 paragraph in total and each of the paragraphs need to be answer each question here:  Describe some of the similarities between the two primary source documents in terms of content and the tactics used by Boudinot and Ross. Describe some of the differences between the two primary source documents.  Explain what factors (background of each author, audience, purpose, timing) might be the reasons these differences exist. Why do you think Boudinot and Ross believed the United States government was in fact an institution that would protect Cherokee rights? What does each man consider success and failure regarding the Cherokee people? ( So 5 paragraphs represent for 5 answers ) You don’t need to use other sources for this essay, but you need to read 2 primary sources in order to answer this question. Primary source and instruction in the next page download.

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Cherokee writings and the Trail of Tears
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