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DESCRIPTION This assignment challenges you to become a strong advocate who delivers convincing solutions to a current and pressing political/social/cultural problem. You will use the same First Amendment topic that you wrote about in Essay #2: The Historical Conversations Project. Now that you have done the background investigation of your First Amendment topic in Essay #2, you can now choose a side to argue for a specific position and suggest solutions for that First Amendment problem in Essay #3: The Advocacy Project. There are examples of this essay provided under Week 8. It should be great news that you are using the same topic in Essay 3 as you did in Essay 2. That means that you already know lot about your subject, and you have practice doing research on it. Sometimes, students accidentally think that they need to come up with a new topic. You do not. This sequence of doing more than one essay about a topic is designed so that you will do a “deeper dive” into a subject. Some students think that they already “used up” their arguments on the topic in Essay 2, but the organization of Essay 3 is quite different. You may have some overlapping, which is normal, but you will definitely have a new approach to your topic in Essay #3. Read on. 🙂 Essay #3 Outline: Read the instructions and look at the examples carefully, then copy and paste the outline template into a new document and use it to create an outline for your essay. This outline is not optional. It must be followed in order, and all major Roman numeral sections must be written in complete sentences. Essay #3 Works Cited: You are required to use 6 new sources from the library databases, plus two visual sources, which equals a minimum of 8 sources for Essay #4. But you may use many more than 8 sources, and you probably should. You may use some of the same sources that you used in Essay #2, but these must over the limit of 6 new sources. Remember, follow the instructions carefully for creating an MLA works cited page. In this Module, there are videos that teach you how to layout a works cited page and how to match sources citations to your works cited. Look at the examples and follow the guidelines. In addition to the instructions provided in this course, use mla.org and the LBB to look up how to do various types of MLA works cited entries. Also, remember, even if you use the “cite this” function in the databases, be sure to choose MLA and double-check them. You may have to retype some or all parts because they are not always input correctly into the databases. Do not just copy and paste from the databases and think you are done. You are responsible for making sure that the entries and layout are done correctly.

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Censorship of the Internet Assignment | Essay Help Services
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