case study of a Business Tourism Company

TOUR B7Z03: Assessment 1. Semester 2, 2019 Continuous assessment elements Company Profile/ case study of a Business Tourism Company
Value 20% A solid business profile is important to start to understand the structure of a business and how marketing impacts companies. It can be part of the bid process for companies seeking contracts, finances, or even partnerships. However, for this class, we are seeking information that helps us understand the structure of the company, its evolution, its products and services, and how it uses marketing to promote them. Often writing the company profile is part of the offer one submits to respond to the call for tender.
For the purpose of this class, our company profile will provide an introductory understanding to the following: Part 1 Official criteria • company name and type of company: sole proprietorship, limited partnerships, corporation company logo • company slogan • head office address (may include number of franchises)
• company status
Quantitative criteria Brief history on the formation of the company: who, when, why, how, where…
• number of employees
• list of products • sales figures • other financial figures Qualitative criteria
• Success stories • Certifications Part 2 Marketing
• What forms of marketing does this company use: radio, television, newspaper, mail, web, flyers, etc? Can you get access to any? • What is the budget used for marketing compared to other companies of similar products and or services?
• Which representatives or celebrities are used to promote or endorse company?
• What type of market share do they have? • What is the target audience? • What image do they have and why? (Positive, negative, contributor to community…) Writing a company profile requires preliminary work: Acquaint yourself with the documents available. Try to analyse your business from a strategic point of view. Your job is not to “sell” the
TOUR B7Z03: Assessment 1. Semester 2, 2019
company — you’re an analyst, not a PR flack. Your job is to provide an honest and insightful look at what they’re doing and their future prospects.
Think about all the components and ask yourself if a position was available at this company are you a suitable applicant. If the answer is “yes,” you’re ready!
Students may not choose the same company: sign-up sheet will be available
Word count (1200 words +/- 10%)
Font 12 of Times New Roman with single line spacing
Be prepared to speak verbally about your company
Fáilte Ireland approved Destination Management Companies
1. A Touch Of Ireland
2. Adams & Butler
3. Advantage ICO
4. Aspects of Ireland
5. Business & Events Management Limited t/a BEM Ireland 6.
6. Custom Ireland
7. Eirebus Limited
8. Event Partners
9. Green Light Events
10. Irish Horizons
11. Joe O’Reilly Ireland Group
12. Limerick Travel Limited
13. Moloney & Kelly
14. Odyssey International
15. Ovation Ireland
16. Premier Travel
17. Wallace Travel Group
Fáilte Ireland approved Professional Conference Organisers
1. Abbey Conference & Events
2. Advantage PCO
3. Conference Connections
4. Conference Organisers
5. Conference Partners
6. Eventplus
7. Go West
8. Happening
9. ICC Concepts/Limerick Travel
10. Irish Horizons
11. Keynote PCO
12. MCI
13. Meeting Point International

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