Business Side of Fashion

Paper instructions

In Part 2 of our deep dive into the Business Side of Fashion you will do a blog post on Bridal fashion.

You should showcase at least three different designers/companies that reflect your reader/theme of your blog. WE should see at least four different looks per designer/company for a minimum of 12 images.

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Business Side of Fashion
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Remember that the terminology and descriptions are key. Make sure that you fully inform yourself about how things are described. And your blog should note the realities of the current market but acknowledge that bridal and bridal fashion are evergreen; bridal will not die or disappear. So feel free to help your bride celebrate in style, whatever that means.

In preparation for your Bridal Fashion Blog, listen to the recorded lecture first.

The actual blog post should reflect your blog’s theme/reader whether that is a French influence in fashion, Boho Chic, Black designers or Collared Fashion. Think creatively and expansively. Who is your reader and what would she wear? Remember that even though the Coronavirus has curtailed the Spring 2021 season, since bridal works even more ahead of time and extends its trends for years, you can still do a very credible and interesting post about Bridal trends and fashion. See the Blog post prompt for specific requirements.


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