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Information about choosing a topic is in the file of Topic Proposal. General info and requirement of the paper are in the file of Research Paper Project: Guidelines and Sources. Let me know if there are any questions. Thank you so much.Research Paper Project: Guidelines and Sources
(150 total points)
• A final research paper with a maximum length of 8 pages.
(not including Works Cited page (required), any appendices (not required),
and/or cover page (not required)).
• Consists of four total parts:
1. Completion of LMC Tutorial (academic research) (10 points)
2. Topic Proposal (15 points)
3. Oral Presentation (25 points)
4. Final Draft of the completed paper (100 points)
• Name, class, and date must appear at the top of the first page of the document.
• APA format for all bibliographic information, including:
(1) In-text citations in the Final Research Paper, and
(2) The Works Cited page of the Final Research Paper.
• The Final Draft requires a minimum of 10 in-text citations in APA format (example:
“(Hofstadter, 2015),” and 12 total sources on the Works Cited page.
• Double-spaced, 12-point font.
• White paper; no color or designs.
• 1” margins on all sides.
• All pages must be numbered
• Minimal, if any, use of direct quotations. I want to see what you say, not what your
source does. Paraphrase, if you must, and do not quote directly unless absolutely
necessary. There will be a deduction for overuse of quotations.
• There must be a “Works Cited” page that lists every source to which you have cited or
referred to in your paper. The format and style for all citations in your Works Cited page
must conform to APA citation style. Students are responsible for researching and
applying the APA citation style on their own, including using available online tutors,
tutorials, the on-campus writing center, and/or other resources.
• There must be separate paragraphs for each, separate idea. Indent each new
paragraph without extra spaces in between paragraphs.
• There must be an introductory paragraph and conclusion paragraph.
• The introductory paragraph must contain a clear, concise thesis statement. It must
also provide a specific indication of what legal arguments you are going to make in the
rest of the paper.
• Topic sentences (first sentence in each paragraph of the paper) must tie into and
support the thesis.
• Each legal argument must develop into a legal analysis of your supporting facts and
why they lend support to your overall thesis.
• Keep strict adherence to grammar and to other rules pertaining to writing skills. If
you have problems with writing skills, the time to fix them is NOW before you turn in
your paper. As mentioned in class, reasonable points will be deducted for spelling and
grammar. It is in your best interest to correct any writing deficiencies and proofread
your work to avoid unnecessary point deductions. Visit the Academic Success Center as
discussed in class and on the syllabus for assistance with grammar.
• You must submit the final draft of the Research Paper Project by the applicable
deadline in class and on Canvas via Veracite.
• You must complete the LMC Tutorial (10 points) in order to familiarize yourself with
the variety and quality of different types of sources. After completing the tutorial, you
must print the proof of completion page and submit it in class by the deadline on the
• There must be a minimum of 10 in-text citations, with a total of 12 sources. As a
general rule, every single time you are inspired by an idea from something you have
read or seen, you must cite to it.
• The citation format for both (1) in-text citations and (2) the Works Cited page needs
to be in APA format. As discussed above, samples of APA formatting for citations are
available from a wide range of print and online sources, and it is the student’s
responsibility to learn about and apply them in this assignment.
• There must be no more than five of any type of source. Examples: no more than five
url’s referring to web sites; no more than five books; no more than five encyclopedias;
and so on.
• There must be at least three types of sources including, but not limited to, the
Internet/web-based sources
Scholarly/academic journal article (example: Harvard Law Review)
Popular journal/magazine (example: Time)
CD Rom
Government documents
Committee meeting minutes
Practice manuals
Causes of Action
Case Reporters
Please keep in mind that the guidelines here on sources represent the minimum
requirements. There is a vast difference between research that just barely satisfies the
minimum and research that goes beyond the minimum. The final grade depends on a
wide range of factors, but an “A” paper will never come out of “C-” research. In other
words, the quality of your sources and the skill with which you use them will affect the
quality of the paper and, of course, the grade. In general, excessive reliance on internet
sources is the number one factor behind poor quality research and superficial analyses
of your topic in the finished paper (and, of course, the overall quality of the paper).
Research Paper Project: Topic Proposal
(15 points)
The topic proposal requires:
1. Formulating an argumentative thesis and
2. Identifying three legal arguments in favor of your argumentative thesis
The topic can be anything you like as long as it relates to something in this class, not any other
class. There is no right or wrong topic and there is no right or wrong viewpoint on a topic.
Topics that students have written on in the past have included arguing one side or another of
topics such as: abortion, drinking age, legalization of or reclassification of marijuana, mandatory
jail sentences, 2nd Amendment right to gun ownership, hate speech, standardized tests for
public school students, higher tuition rates for out-of-state (or international) students,
copyright violations in song-writing or other areas of the arts, regulation of tattoo parlors,
antitrust issues in major league sports (e.g., NFL), non-employee classifications for amateur
athletes in college and university sports, body cameras for police officers, surveillance of noncriminal
activities, net neutrality, euthanasia, and many, many other possibilities.
When you start forming opinions, this is the beginning of your argumentative thesis.
Once you have formed your thesis, your next steps are to simply think of three main arguments
you can make in order to support your opinion/thesis. Each argument must be a legal
argument—meaning each argument must have a legal basis. For example, the argument must
be based on an existing law or right inherent in the Constitution.
See the example below (Page 2).
You have an interest in fishing.
Head to Google and type in keywords that link your hobby to the law/legal system. So, you use
keywords such as “fishing,” “law,” “legal,” etc.
You glance through the hits and find some links that seem interesting and others that don’t.
Start reading what seems interesting.
After you have read a dozen or so of the hits, you will have begun to form an opinion. For
instance, you might conclude that the nearly universal, albeit somewhat uncontroversial,
discrimination against non-state residents in fishing license fees is illegal. You have just formed
an opinion.
You will then write out your thesis statement:
“Higher fishing license fees for non-state residents violates the 14th Amendment”
Now, you will articulate your 3 main arguments. You come up with:
Argument 1: Discriminatory license fees violate the Equal Protection Clause;
Argument 2: Discriminatory license fees violate the Due Process Clause; and
Argument 3: Discriminatory license fees violate the Privileges and Immunities Clause.
You have now established the overall general structure of your paper.
Please note that the steps here are appropriate ONLY for the beginning stages of your research
in order to (1) select your topic and (2) learn, in a broad manner, about your potential topic.
Relying heavily on the internet in order to do follow up research, leading to preparation of your
final paper, will result in inadequate research. As explained in the general guidelines document
on the Research Paper Topic, you must do additional research beyond the internet in order to
do research at the college level with some degree of sophistication in thought.

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