Business Intelligence and Decision-Making

Business Intelligence and Decision-Making
Fall Semester, 2019/20
Weighting: 60%
Date and method of submission: week 15 via Blackboard 27th January
Word count or equivalent: Final report
Formative Assessment 2: Practical exercises
By the end of the module, you will have to submit a final project in which you will have
to prove that you understand how to apply Business Intelligence by means of exploiting
the business data and creating dashboards and reports.
You will be accessing to open data in order to create meaningful dashboards and
reports that help users/decision-makers have an overview of the different indicators
and make decisions.
Instructions for students:
You are required to create an interactive dashboard using the Business Intelligence
tool. This dashboard will be used to analyse different possibilities, based on open data
from the EU, and make the decision about what should be the best destination
considering the various factors (labour market, material living conditions…).
You are a Spanish student who is about to finish a Master’s degree in Business
Intelligence next semester. As a sharp and determined student, you feel maybe the
gloomy Spanish labour market does not look so appealing for you, a new job market
candidate and thus you want to consider other locations for building your professional
As a citizen of the EU you are allowed to freely move and work in all European
countries and therefore you want to analyse and compare all possible destinations to
start your career in order to make an informed decision. For this purpose you are going
to use your favourite BI tool, which of course you know very well.
The data source for this exercise will be:
In this data, you can gather the information (the factors that may affect your final
decision) such as:
● Labour market:
o Harmonised unemployment (1 000) – monthly data
o Job vacancy rate
o Minimum wages
● Material living conditions:
o Average rating of satisfaction by domain, sex, age and educational
attainment level
● Health status:
o Life expectancy by age and sex
● …
The data you select and use for this project must be downloaded in Excel or CSV or
TSV format and it should be submitted together with the final report.
In your report, you must answer the following questions based on all the data you have
collected and used:
● Choose 3 factors that you want to analyse in order to make your career
destination decision and explain what information you can extract from them
and why you think they are the most important ones
● Create a dashboard with the file name: “European Market Analysis – your
name”. The presented dashboard has to be clear and readable ALTHOUGH
you can choose your preferable format/style. Display the factors in 3 sections of
the dashboard.
● Show at least one graph for the best 5 destinations in each of these 3
categories. You can choose any data visualisation option (maps, bar charts…)
you prefer.
● Explain how you are going to evaluate these factors in order to make your final
optimal decision (you can use any score system that you want) and present the
final graph showing your final decision.
● Submit the final report which consists of the above elements together with all
the downloaded files. (Please create a .zip file to submit on Blackboard)
Marking criteria: Final Project: Business Analytics Project
 Knowledge and Understanding (20%): Given the case study
described, the student understands the data the business stores and
how it is related. He/she knows how to exploit the data by means of
dashboards in order to extract meaningful information that facilitates
decision making process.
 Cognitive Skills (30%): The student is able to create basic dashboards.
 Practical/Professional Skills (30%): Given the business objectives and
a database, the student is able to select the most appropriate data to
show and the best graphical representation for it.
 Transferable Skills (20%): Given a dashboard, the student is able to
extract conclusions and point to the strengths and weakness of the
assessed business.
Formative Assessment 2
Practical exercises
During the different sessions, you will be provided with further practical
exercises in order to prepare you for the summative assessments. The nature
of these exercises will depend on the different aspects that the majority of the
students may need to reinforce.

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