Book Review: Bruce Longenecker’s The Lost Letters of Pergamum

Paper instructions

Book: Bruce Longenecker’s The Lost Letters of Pergamum (which focuses on Luke, Revelation, and Greco-Roman life in Asia Minor [modern Turkey])

Your book review should be 600-800 words long (not more or less). Begin by (very!) briefly summarizing the content of the book (like in a sentence or two). Then continue by addressing at least two of the following points (though addressing more may improve your grade):

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Book Review: Bruce Longenecker’s The Lost Letters of Pergamum
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1) In the book, how do distinctions in social class and the pursuit of honor, patronage, and reciprocity affect daily life in the first-century world? How do these distinctions and pursuits change in light of joining the Christian community?
2) In this book a character is slowly “converted” to Christ. (Or is he?) What factors persuade him? What factors hold him back? Are these different than today’s influences?
3) Has reading this narrative changed the way that you understand particular episodes or parts of the New Testament? Explain.

End the review by assessing the book’s literary value and narrative approach. Was it a good read? Where could it have been improved? Would you recommend it to others? Why or why not?

Your book review must demonstrate to me through your reflection that you read the book carefully. Don’t simply take the narrative at face value; engage critically with the story being told. Please use one-inch margins, double-spacing, and a 12-point font equivalent to Times New Roman.


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