Baccalaureate Paper

To successfully complete this class, the student will create a Baccalaureate Paper. The student will:

  1. Demonstrate their critical thinking skills
  2. Demonstrate their knowledge and application of APA writing style by using proper citations and references
  3. Discuss main concepts of a topic relating to funeral directing
  4. Use Intrapersonal and interpersonal skills
  5. Demonstrate a mastery of the English language with respect to grammar, syntax and analytical skills
  6. Create a PowerPoint presentation that relates to their topic
  7. Publish an article in a nationally recognized trade journal


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To successfully accomplish the above student learning outcomes, the student will:

  1. Use the Baccalaureate Paper Template as a guide for organizing and creating their final paper
  2. First, read 15-20 articles relating to the assigned topic duringModule 1
  3. Complete 15 – 20 Annotated Bibliographies regarding these are articles. This is the Depth Sectionof the Baccalaureate Paper.
  4. Second, the student will analyze, synthesize and evaluate the material and write a comprehensive 10 – 15 page paper regarding the topic. DuringModule 2. This is the Breadth Section of the paper
  5. The student will create an outline prior to writing the paper.
  6. The student will submit a first drift of the paper to the instructor. Upon completion of the instructor’s review, the student will edit and re-submit a final draft for a grade.
  7. Based on the findings and main points of the topic, the student will develop a series of 6 to 8 open-ended questions relating to the topic. During Module 3. This is theApplication Section of the paper.
  8. The student will interview a licensed funeral director regarding the topic.
  9. The student will write a 3 to 5 page paper that discusses the opinions of the funeral director interviewed.
  10. The student will incorporate some of the interview comments into the Breadth section of the paper. Proper APA citation must be included.
  11. The student will create a PowerPoint presentation relating to the subject matter and their findings. Module 4
  12. The student will write a 2 to 3 Personal Refection Paper regarding their career
  13. The student will submit the final paper for a final grade.


How the Baccalaureate Paper is graded:

APA style which includes but is not limited to citation, references, conforming to the template, and overall appearance representative of a

collegiate paper. Was the template used properly?

Grammar, syntax, and overall composition.

Breadth Section. Does this section demonstrate critical thinking skills that incorporates the research on the topic? This address the topic in a comprehensive manner that not only out

Depth Section. Do your Annotated Bibliographies summarize the article and provide critical thinking to the information being presented? A paragraph should be dedicated to summarizing the article and one paragraph should argue or discuss the content in relationship to accuracy and content.

Application Section. You are required to develop 5 to 7 interview questions regarding the subject matter in the Breadth Section. After the questions have been approved by the instructor, you will need to interview a funeral director regarding the subject matter. After completing the interview, write a 3 to 5 page paper discussing the content of the interview. This section is more than just recording the responses to the questions asked during the interview. This section should be an organizing paper, in paragraph form that discusses the content of the interview and correlates it to the research that you completed during the Breadth and Depth. 

Reflection Section.  This section is 2 to 3 pages that discusses why you wish to be a funeral director. Don’t recycle a previous paper used in another class. This needs to be an original work that reflects on your Practicum and Internship experiences and how these experiences are reinforcing your decision on becoming a professional funeral director.

Each section will have their own rubric which will outline what is expected by the student for this final project. Any questions, please email the instructor.





Gourlely, B. (2020) Christian apologetics and research ministry. Retrieved from 

Christians are said to believe in one God who consists of God the Father and God The Holy Spirit. The three making up the Godhead. There are ongoing arguments as to whether Christianity is the “one true religion”. Many say yes because Jesus is the focus and his own words to the people were, “I and the father are one”.  According to the author God is sovereign, residing in an “unseen Spirit world along with angels.” The “origination of Baptists is said to have begun in the 16th century and according to the historian (Bruce Gourley”) “separated from the Church of England). Beliefs among Christians are Holy Communion and being Baptized. The book of choice for their readings is the Holy Bible. They practice daily living on the written word of the Holy Bible. This religion has many nationalities practicing this religion with no race barriers and stretches around the world. According to ( there are 50million Baptists in the United States. 48 million are part of the alliance, worldwide’).

Christianity starts with people having a relationship with God and believing the words of Christ. Beliefs amongst Christians is that there is a place called Heaven and Hell.  Christians also believe in a final judgement concerning those who follow Christ and those that do not. Concerning burial and cremations, one is not accepted over the other. They are considered an individual’s choice prior to death. Usually there is a wake and viewing of the body and burial if a funeral is chosen and or a memorial service This article does speak of the Bible, and final resting places. Death and an afterlife, a final resting place for eternity. Nothing is mentioned about any special rituals being performed. Door to door evangelisms is not written in this article.

Annotation 2

Funeral Guide. (2020) Quaker funerals everything you need to know about Quaker beliefs about death and Quaker funerals. Retrieved from

According to this articles author the Quakers belong to an organization called “Society of Friends.” “They are self-named because of experiencing shaking within themselves at hearing Gods word. This Religious group was founded in England by George Fox and believes in the Trinity.  There are Quakers in England and Africa as well as in the United States. (400,000 Quakers are estimated to be in the entire world and the highest concentration said to be in Africa according to History 2019 · Quaker Religion Today.). Their beliefs do not include practicing Baptism.  Quakers strive toward peace among themselves and with those outside of their faith.

Woman are equal to the men in the Quakers religion and can conduct a service and bring a sermon forth a Pastor or just sit quietly. Death is something that the Quakers pay much attention to since they don’t concern themselves with Heaven or Hell. No viewing at a Quaker funeral. Only upon a family’s request will there be a viewing. Because Funerals are generally held in the same fashion as the” meetings for worship” in the Steeple house, when funerals are conducted there may not be a casket present since a celebration of life and thanksgiving for the person’s life is being honored. Black is not worn to the funeral because it symbolizes death and mourning. There will be singing, prayers and words of encouragement for the bereaved persons. Practicing rituals of mourning is not observed. There are no one year anniversaries celebration.




Editors, H. (2018, January 05). Islam. Retrieved from History:

Reading this article, I noticed that it was stated Islam is the second largest religion in the world. The author also states that Islam goes back to the seventh century and it was started in Mecca which we are now calling Saudi Arabia. The writer states that the followers of Islam are called Muslims, and they follow the teachings of Mohammed who they believe is the final prophet sent by god. This author also is making an awareness to the fact that the holy teachings are on Allah’s law and there is a belief in life after death as well as a day of judgment. Also stated in this article is that there are different types of Islam and there is an Islamic calendar with important takes also there are five pillars of Islam which the Muslims follow and are essential to their faith and hope. Death is believed to be inevitable but at the same time Islamic faith says that burial should be carried out as soon after death as possible. Before the sun goes down. The idea is to be washed and shrouded therefore not allowing for a viewing before the funeral.

This article addressed the rituals that are required during the preparation of a person in the Islamic faith. The article highlights the difference burials within the Islamic faith compared to other religions. This will assist in comparing and contrasting the requirements expected of a funeral director during the funeral service process. One major issue that the article fails to address is that the Islam faith requires the head of the deceased to face towards Mecca. In addition, the article did not highlight that women are only allowed to prepare women during the funeral preparation.

Annotation 2

Ehud. (2019, April 13). Islamic Funeral Rites.

Retrieved from Islam:

This article primarily addressed topics related to the customs one should know about when it comes to a death of an individual in the Muslim community. The article speaks of when a person dies they are not dead but have entered eternal life, also how someone should pray for the departed.

This article is full of instructions that would benefit a funeral director when there is no one to ask questions pertaining to Muslim burial preparation.

Little known fact that would leave space for questions to be asked is why must a person (martyr)who was killed be buried in the same clothes they died in and not washed.

Annotated Bibliography 3 Islamic Funeral Guide: Etiquette, Rites, & Traditions

Funeral rites in the Islamic faith is that burial must take place quickly as possible following death., there are no viewing, wake, or visitation times.

Males have begun to allow women to accompany them to the gravesite abandoning old traditions due to modern day changes throughout the Muslim faith.


10 Interesting Facts about Islam Religion | 10 Interesting …

(Aug 05, 2017)

Reading about the “10 interesting facts about Islam” presented terminology which if someone were not a Muslim, would not be understood or known. words for Temple, prayer, giving alms as well as a few more.

Here I am not sure how to finish because this article is broken into shot paragraphs for each topic and does not flow as a story being told. I chose this one to learn how to do this type of article.


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