Ashford University Human Resource in Improving Performance Questions Answer the 2 question below and reply to each student. Student Reply must be over 150

Ashford University Human Resource in Improving Performance Questions Answer the 2 question below and reply to each student.

Student Reply must be over 150 words.

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Ashford University Human Resource in Improving Performance Questions Answer the 2 question below and reply to each student. Student Reply must be over 150
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Make sure all student replies you start it with Hello (Student Name),

Question 1:

Read Section 1.6, A Moment in the Life of an HR Manager, from Chapter 1 of the course text and watch Aligning HR With Business Strategy Featuring Wayne Cascio, PhD (Links to an external site.). Do you believe frontline managers have an active role in HR? Why or why not? Compare the functions and practices of human resource managers with front-end managers and provide examples to support your point of view. Your initial post must be a minimum of 250 words. Cite at least one scholarly source to support your response.

Guided Response: Respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts by Day 7. In your responses, discuss any additional similarities and/or differences between human resource managers and front-end managers that your peers did not include in their discussion.

Student Reply 1:Jessica

the functions and practices of human resource managers with front-end managers and provide examples to support your point of view

Our textbook defines Human Resource Management as “the managing of human skills and talents to make sure they are used effectively and in alignment with an organization’s goals” (Youssef, 2015, chapter 1.1, para. 1). After reviewing the material, I do believe front-line managers should have an active role in HR as they are involved with their employees on a daily basis. In my opinion when an employee has a problem, they go to their direct manager first for resolution. Most managers that I have reported to performed HR duties regularly, between quarterly assessments of my performance and goals to compensation discussions at the end of the year. They also had to report our goal progress to their superiors with recommendations for pay increase or if there was an issue or write up as well. They held team meetings with us and some asked for opinions on the different aspects of our job functions, and some just gave us pertinent information related to any changes that were being made. My managers have been responsible for aligning us with the correct training needed for a change in our role in the company, and being able to find the right person to fill a position in their department by knowing what skills are needed. This is important as “you need people who are at the company long enough to produce innovative products and services” (Cascio, 2008, 01:09). In my experience throughout my career, my direct managers have handled most if not all the human resource aspects for their employees, and therefore are major players in the alignment between HR and the organization.


Youssef, C. (2015). Human resource management (2nd ed.).

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Aligning HR with business strategy featuring Wayne Cascio, PhD (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

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Student Reply 2: Jelana

After reading chapter 1 of Human Resource Management and watching the video link provided in the assignment instructions, I absolutely believe that frontline managers have an active role in HR. The role of a manager and a human resource manager are not the same roles but they intertwine with similar duties. I do not feel like you can have one without the other.

Human resource managers have many responsibilities that help support companies such as providing guidance and advice all the way from executive managers down to frontline managers, creating and implementing policies and advocating for employees of the organization (Youseff, C. 2015. Chapter 1.3). Even though HR managers have a heavy task load, once all of the jobs are created and people are hired, the managers of the company have to oversee and provide results. Frontline managers work directly with employees everyday and they also deliver the appraisals that are put together by HR. As the blog How Managers Can Support Better IDPS states: “The employee is creating a roadmap for success in her current role and for whatever she would like to accomplish next. The manager is committing to supporting the employee in acomplishing the tasks in the plan from the commencement of the plan through success on the job.” (Management Concepts, 2015) And HR managers support front line managers in helping to develop their teams.

HR Managers spend many hours creating and revising employee training programs that help with retention levels. They also have a role in determining compensation packages as well. All are necessary tools to assuring employees are taken care of and that they are adovacted for. Prior to banking my background was in management and I had to partner with HR for just about any and everything that had to do with the employees. I was the eye and the Human Resources department was the brain of the operation. Overall, Human Resource managers work hard to put strategic plans in place and managers implement these plans to help support both HR and the employees.


ManagementConcepts. (2015, July 7). How HR Can Support Better IDPS. Retrieved from… (Links to an external site.)

Youssef, C. (2015). Human Resource Management (2nd ed.)

Question 2:

A SWOT analysis is a strategic planning tool that organizations utilize to identify their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) that may exist in a specific situation. Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read SWOT Analysis: Discover New Opportunities, Manage and Eliminate Threats (Links to an external site.). Conduct a basic SWOT analysis of an organization or a department you belong to using this SWOT Analysis Worksheet. Once completed, attach your SWOT Analysis Worksheet to the discussion. In the body of the post, provide an overview of the organization or your department and discuss how you see these factors affecting the direction of HR. Explain how HR can be involved as a strategic partner in addressing the results of the SWOT analysis. Your initial post must be a minimum of 250 words. Cite at least one scholarly source to support your response.

Guided Response: Respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts by Day 7. In your responses, take on the role of an HR professional and provide performance management recommendations that might address the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats identified by your peers.

Student Reply 3:Jelana

The company that I chose to do my SWOT analysis on was JP Morgan Chase Bank. I decided to do an analysis on this organization because I work for them. Even though I could easily research the organization, working for them gives me personal insight on what I feel like some of the weaknesses and opportunities of the company may be. JP Morgan Chase Bank is one of the largest institutions on the world that offer both investment and banking services as separate entities. I will focus on the banking side because I am most familiar with this. Chase has a very strong and supportive HR process where are there are many levels of administration. The position I hold is currently Relationship Banker and it took me almost 3 months to get hired on. There were multiple interviews, physical and mental tests as well as electronic stages that needed to be completed before I could be considered for a position. Even after an offer letter was given to me, I still had to go through a rigirous training path to earn licenses for the position. After all of the processes, I work daily with customers who have basic banking and lending needs. I am able to refer and assist customers with home, auto, credit and personal needs. As an employee, I can give feedback directly to our HR departments just as customers can present feedback as well. Since we are on the front lines working with both customers and working through a lot of the services as pilot branches, our feedback is much needed for HR adjustments.

HR can be involved as a strategic partner in adressing results of the SWOT analaysis in a number ways. One, as I stated above, receiving feedback from front line employess will help. Two, referring to levels of retention, employee analysis results and training programs keep HR abreast of growing challenges. Three, upper level management is required to produce reports based off of each indivdual branch’s successes and failures and that requires partnership with HR to help sustain resources. All of these ways are more directly effect how HR responds to adressing all aspect of the SWOT analysis. For example, the recent catastrophes that have taken place around the world due to the Coronavirus required our HR to act very quickly and be on top of economical, social and governmental policies. HR is a huge asset in a sense that as a department, they have a duty to keep the business profitable and still assure they are there for their employees.

See my attached SWOT results to review my analysis of the organization.

JP Morgan Chase Bank SWOT Analysis.docx

Student Reply 4: Adrian

Hello Class,

The company I chose to complete my SWOT analysis on was Comcast. I chose Comcast because I am an employee of the company for three years now and started as a Field Technician doing house calls to now holding a position in Workforce Management. As a person who has worked in various industries and struggled to gain my identity in the workforce. I quickly found Comcast to have many strengths versus weaknesses when deciding to come on board. When I first started with Comcast, I was a Field Technician doing house calls but always knew I wanted more for myself, and the strengths spelled out in my SWOT analysis quickly came into realization. The first strength that stood out to me was the opportunity they offered with tuition reimbursement to the employees, but not limited to investing in company stocks and having a robust and reliable company to grow within. While my time in the field was short-lived the weakness, I saw on the frontline was outdated technology regarding Comcast service network. As technology is improving daily in countries such as Europe and Asia, they have transferred most of their internet services to Fiber Optic. Also, I noticed the retention/turnover rate was high for being a Field Technician due to the pay scale compared to the competition. I feel these strengths and weaknesses are related to Human Resources because they prepare compensation statements. According to Youssef (2015), “Compensation packages can come in the form of pay, benefits, and such incentives as days off, bonuses, equities, awards, raises, flexible working hours, or promotions and opportunities for career development” (section 1.4, para. 11). Human Resources can become more involved as a strategic partner with the company by continuing the quarterly NPS survey and the open-door policy it has adopted as of recently. It has been stated that Human Resource Management effective practices can improve employee morale and retention rates when trying to meet the organizational and employee needs. With the recent pandemic of COVID-19, Human Resources managed to transfer 90% of our company staff to home base jobs and sent out a survey to see how the latest changes were handled in a timely and effective manner.

Youssef, C. (2015). Human resource management (2nd ed.). Retrieved from


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