Are Free Trade Agreements Good for the Global Economy?

As discussed in this chapter, free trade brings diffuse benefits but concentrated costs, but there are always opponents to these agreements within member states. Economists are also divided on whether FTAs are beneficial because states may be less likely to cooperate to achieve global free trade (the best outcome for economists) if they are happy with free trade among their key trading partners. Yet others contend they are acceptable stepping stones to a world of global free trade. Are FTAs good for the global economy, or do they bring more difficulties domestically and internationally?
Consider the case scenario on this Debate: ” Are Free Trade Agreements Good for the Global Economy?” by examining the role of the IO’s and the state actors through WTO’s and FTA policies. ‘Justify’ your arguments through qualitative supportive research and by using key terminology from the Chapters’ theories/concepts.
Read Argument 1 and Argument 2 then choose one to support your position in reflection to the case scenario and consider the questions of the Debate to guide you through your qualitative research to justify you position; form 3 arguments of your own to support your position. (Don’t try to answer the questions but rather to help you form your arguments).
Choose a position Argument 1 or Argument 2 post an initial ‘response’ with 3 supportive arguments in regards to the Debate Questions (don’t answer the questions but rather use them to create your executive argument position). Please put your Name and your Position! (500 words)
Cite your sources … see pages tab (APA or

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Are Free Trade Agreements Good for the Global Economy?
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