arbitration case argument for respondent

It’s basically that you should read the case as your going to be an attorney for the defendants and build arguments that support why you said no so the case is a dispute between two parties you will be the defendant and act upon them by building arguments on that
But for this you should get as much as statement of facts you can from the case which is quite simple them build arguments on 3 facts for example that contract is not included then say why after that another argument on the second fact
The research is a case in which we are the respondent party. It consists of 10 pages. He talks about the arbitration case. He sends you the details of the case so that you can see at the same time what exactly is required of the assignment.
The case we have is an arbitration case. What is required is that you will elicit the facts of the case from the file I sent you, so that you answer two questions, and as I said, the answer will be on the basis that you are the defendant by sending you the two questions, because the whole issue revolves around the two questions, from which the answer appears, sir. The generous from the file sent, God willing, is clear with you so far. The two questions that revolve around the topic are
The first question is Have the parties concluded a contract in 2020?
And the other question is If the contract was concluded we are claimants general condition of sale Validity Included into that alleged contract?
So that all the details of the case, its answers, and the legal materials for this assignment are in the file attached below, and that the answer method the I.R.A.C method
Also, as attached in the file of the plaintiff’s memorandum attached below, in the manner in which the assignment is supposed to be in this order in the plaintiff’s memorandum, but for caution, we want a response to the defendant, not the plaintiff. This memorandum is only an example of how to write the assignment

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arbitration case argument for respondent
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