Any emergency management event.


This assignment will be submitted to Turnitin®. Case Study This activities will focus on a variety of emergency management issues addressed during the semester.  The assignment will lead to the investigation of an emergency management event.  A choice of topic, setting, and population should be made early in the semester in consultation with the instructor.  The case study analysis can deal with any health problem human made or natural disaster affecting a specific population.  Students are encouraged to select topics, settings, and populations that match their professional goals and interests. The student will research a emergency management topic and analyze possible methods of helping people cope post disaster.  These activities will focus on a variety of health issues addressed during the semester.  The papers should follow the following outline: History of the event. How the event killed. Warning signs of the pending event. Mitigation methods of the disaster. Recovery efforts. What could have been done to improve all phases of dealing with the disaster References.  Requirements Font:  12-point Spacing:  double Formatting: document according to APA (6th) edition Mechanics:  correct spelling, grammar, and sentence and paragraph structure References:  minimum of 10 per assignment.

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Any emergency management event.
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