American Studies Question

Think about your fated character and the sources you’ve discovered to use and answer the following questions (these do not have to be in full sentences):
What is the topic of your paper? That is, what character did fate assign to you?
Which three primary sources will you be using to investigate your paper topic and add evidentiary weight to the biography you are creating? Upon what particular sections of the primary sources will you be focusing? Cite at least two passages from your primary sources that appear relevant to your topic.
What are three messages you hope to communicate in your biographical essay about your character? These messages can be about class, gender, society, race, political structures, upheaval, etc
I have the answers for the three questions above, attached below.
Now that you’ve given some thought to what you intend to convey with your paper and sources, write the first paragraph of your biography essay. This introductory paragraph should be clear with a strong first sentence (what is going to draw readers in?), it should show the reader your character (what kind of person are we reading about?) the relevant historical context (what are they living through at that moment in their life?) and provide a preview of your intentions for the biography.
While this is not the final version, your intro paragraph should be beyond a rough draft – it should be “polished”, meaning a full paragraph, checked for grammar and clarity. Remember, the introductory paragraph sets the stage for the entire paper and a clear one will help entice your reader to keep reading, as well as help with your paper’s organization.

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American Studies Question
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