AHLT 311, HR Management for Allied Health Professionals

Department of Interprofessional Health Studies

AHLT 311, HR Management for Allied Health Professionals

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AHLT 311, HR Management for Allied Health Professionals
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Portfolio Part I

 Article Summary and Critique

  • Due by end of week five
  • To be completed on the Robbins and Davidbizar article
  • ~4 page paper not counting title and references pages
  • Written in APA style.


The purpose of this assignment is to develop critical thinking and writing skills while exploring a topic that is relevant to leadership in healthcare.  This article examines the transition of leadership and management behaviors in healthcare organizations towards a transformational model.


Please review the video—How to Write a Critique Essay—located at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skEn61J6c8s

Follow the video’s instructions to format your assignment into the five recommended sections: introduction, summary, evaluation, response, and conclusion.   In addition to the points discussed in the video, please include the following specific points.


The summary should include:

  1. Purpose of the article and its intended audience
  2. Your own words, not those of the author. Minimal inclusion of quotes.

Your evaluation and response should include:

  1. How the article relates to becoming a team leader/supervisor/manager and the AHLT 311 course
  2. How the article relates to your personal/professional/clinical/academic experiences.
  3. What you learned from this article and how it relates to your development into a leader in healthcare.




Criteria for grading will be based on:

  1. Mechanics of writing, Use of APA style,             –           4 points

Organization, coherence, and flow of thoughts


  1. Concise, complete & accurate summary             –           8 points


  1. Critique includes evaluation of article which      –           8 points

Indicates original thought & perspective


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