Adolescent Development

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Watch the video (2 parts) on Adolescent Development and answer the
following questions.
1) Explain adolescent brain development and how it influences adolescent decision making/risk taking behavior
2) Why are teenagers so emotional early on and then better able to regulate emotions later?
3) How might perception of emotion in others impact adolescent relationships and behavior?
4) One of the teens calls adults “big hypocrites.” Why would an 8 year old not be able to see this? In other words, what cognitive and emotional development allows a teenager to see hypocrisy?
5) What newly discovered role does the cerebellum play in reasoning and thinking? How might this be related to physical activity?
6) Given the information on sleep, how do you think your sleeping patterns in adolescence and now impact your learning?
7) Given all the research on brain development’s impact in adolescence, what role if any, do parents actually play in adolescent development?

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