A Doll’s House Writing Assignment


A Doll’s House Writing Assignment (Based on Henrik Ibsen’s “A Doll House”) Write a 2-page reflection on A Doll’s House – choose ONE of these questions. 1. What evidence can you find to support the interpretation that this play is not only about the Helmers’ marriage but also about the institution of marriage itself?  2. A Doll’s House aroused great controversy in its time. Today, we like to think society has evolved and marriage is much more “modern.” Do you think this play, if it first appeared now, would arouse no controversy? Would some still find it objectionable? Support your argument with reference both to the text and also the current state of gender relations, legal and social, as you know them. 3. Does the fact that Nora abandons her children undermine her otherwise heroic decision to walk out on a hollow marriage? For an 1880 German production, Ibsen – in response to public demand – provided an alternate ending in which Nora, after struggling with her conscience, decides that she cannot abandon her children. There was one actress who refused to show Nora leaving and instead wanted the play to end with her gazing at her sleeping children. What changes if the ending changes? 4. If you watched one of the film versions of the play, compare and contrast it with reading the play. Did they seem the same? Were there some changes? What made the biggest impression on you and what were some of the differences between reading the play and watching and listening to the film?

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A Doll’s House Writing Assignment
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