6 page with Work citedLet’s focus here on the hormonal metho

6 page with Work citedLet s focus here on the hormonal metho.
6 page with Work citedLet s focus here on the hormonal methods. Have you ever wondered if the ads for these products tell the whole truth or are a bit misleading? This assignment is an opportunity to compare the information from the marketing of these products with information from outside the company that made them.For a pharmaceutical to be put on the market, they must be tested and then approved by our government, in particular, the Food and Drug Administration (www.fda.gov). Drug information from the research testing is on the FDA site and on other sites such as www.drugs.com and published in the Physicians Desk Reference. To complete this assignment, select two hormonal birth control products, investigate and analyze the marketing information, the drug information from different sources: the government, the information from the manufacturer, and the product website; write up your results and consider the implications of your findings.Process: Choose two of the hormonal birth control methods currently on the market, e.g., pill, patch, ring, rod. Find relevant information on those products from the FDA, the drug manufacturer and other sources.o Go find the product website and the manufacturer websiteo Get the relevant information from the governmental website: www.fda.govo Go to other sites with high quality drug information if you wish (www.drugs.com, www.webmd.com, etc.). As you browse these websites, read and take notes on the similarities and differences among the information sources;o Are the sources identical or are there some differences or gaps?o Which information source is missing information the other has?o Are there different types of people mentioned as ideal patients? Present your findings for all comparisons by writing up:Outline (Be sure to apply the rubric criteria to each section as you edit):1. Introduction: Briefly describe the products and provide an overview of your analysis.2. Product Details: For each product, be sure to include a brief overview of the product s name, manufacturer, date of release, information used in your analysis (include type and source, e.g., package insert, pfizer.com), effectiveness, side effects, drug/food interactions, people who shouldn t take the drug at all, and any other identifying information about the product itself. Be sure to write this in your own words and understanding of the facts, not copied/pasted text from the websites.3. Analysis Findings: For each product comparison of (1) marketing/website and (2) the outside sources (FDA, etc.): Assess which products have more (or less) accurate marketing, including mention of the differences or gaps in each source. Is there any mention of criteria for choosing this or another method (such as the 4 C s)? Conclude this section with your overall impression of each product: is this a drug that anyone can take or is it one that some should avoid?4. Implications: What are the consequences of the patterns you found? What does it mean if any of these products were not fully accurate in their marketing approach? What would happen to someone if they saw the advertising and used the product without any further information? Are they at risk of some problem they weren t aware of because the advertising didn t warn them at all or didn t communicate clearly?5. Conclusions: Sum up and suggest what could be done to improve the situation. Overall, why is this useful for us to know? What have you learned about the topic after doing this exercise?6. References: List and properly cite your sources. (MLA or APA)Don t let this become a book-size project! Most of the time for this should be spent in the research and analysis of what you find. Focus on the important stuff when you write it up! (The Analysis Findings and Implications sections should be the largest in the paper.) It should be between 2-3 pages when you re writing it in a word processing program. Always save a copy in that format in case something goes wrong with the upload.Be sure to bring in any relevant course and research based materials, always cite all of your sources, proof read a few times, and cite sources!
6 page with Work citedLet s focus here on the hormonal metho

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6 page with Work citedLet’s focus here on the hormonal metho
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